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Migrate, Grow, and Cultivate your Community

Vanilla Feature Demo for Montreal NewTech

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Migrate, Grow, and Cultivate your Community

  1. Killer FeaturesAnyone Can Use
  2. Killer Features Anyone Can Use Getout oftown!
  3. No,Really!
  4. Let’s takea look
  5. 7 Reasons to Choose Vanilla
  6. 1 <embed> Vanilla You can now <embed> your Vanilla Forum into any site in the world with a single line of code.
  7. A Few Examples ...
  8. 2 Vanilla API Vanillas powerful API enables you to create social experiences to drive growth and engagement on your community.
  9. The API in Action!
  10. I can’tbelieve they did it!
  11. 3 Social Connect Allow your users to sign in to your community with their favourite social networks.
  12. Seriously, this is cool!
  13. 4 Vanilla Mobile Experience the power of your community forum from any mobile device without any pinching or zooming
  14. Start a Discussion from Anywhere
  15. Didn’t thinkthe iPhonecould lookthat good!
  16. 5 Vanilla Connect Your users will be automagically signed into Vanilla without having to create a new account or sign in again
  17. The Power to Support your Community
  18. 6 Gorgeous Themes You can change the look of your forum with themes ranging from professional, fun, and crazy. Switch themes instantly with just a click of a button, or create your own custom CSS and HTML
  19. Check These Awesome Themes Out!
  20. 7 Import Tool Importing your old forum has never been easier. Dont you think its time you join the Vanilla community!
  21. It’s Easy!
  22. What are you waiting for!
  23. What are you waiting for!