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  1. 1. Business lite Changelog****************************Version 3.1.23 (09-04-12)-Fixed responsive slider in ie and firefox.Version 3.1.22 (08-27-12)-Logo url on / off option added.Version 3.1.21 (08-21-12)-Custom URL for logo.Version 3.1.20 (08-16-12)-wp_title function fix.-Made meta tag language dynamic.-Fixed calendar size blowing out of containerVersion 3.1.19 (08-13-12)-Changed slider default links to 3.1.18 (08-13-12)-Changed bu_ prefix to business_.-Made core functions prefix match.-Removed decimal point from left sidebar.-Fixed classy options error.-App.css enqueued properly.-Theme check fixes.Version 3.1.18 (08-08-12)-Callout section text updated.-Favicon option added (off by default).Version 3.1.16 (07-29-12)-Apple-touch icon off by default.Version 3.1.15 (07-24-12)-Upgrade bar adjustments.-Apple-touch icon.Version 3.1.14 (07-17-12)-Upgrade bar.Version 3.1.13 (07-09-12)- Removed lazy load.- Footer.php fix.Version 3.1.12 (07-06-12)- Twitter embed fix.- Push div footer fix.- Fixed search bar not displaying properly.Version 3.1.11 (07-02-12)- Sticky footer CSS fix.Version 3.1.10 (06-28-12)- Stopped sidebar from blowing out at certain widths.- Fixed rounded search and buttons in IE8.Version 3.1.9 (06-22-12)- Fixed the validation issue with read more link.Version 3.1.8 (06-15-12)-Replaced wp_theme_data() (deprecated) with wp_get_theme() in opt-in PressTrends
  2. 2. function, backwards compatible with 3.3 and below.Version 3.1.7 (06-12-12)-Fixed breadcrumb issue related to single posts/media attachments causing afatal error.Version 3.1.6 (06-05-12)-Added Czech language files.-Responsive design tweaks to Callout Element and Feature Slider.Version 3.1.5 (05-30-12)-Added Hindi language files.-Cleaned up code in comments-actions.php.-Added missing container for page content responsive margins.Version 3.1.4 (05-23-12)-Added Danish language files.-Added Catalan language files.-Added function to update RSS link in HTML head with custom feed.Version 3.1.3 (05-16-12)-Added option for responsive embeded videos (Youtube/Vimeo).-Added Polish language files.Version 3.1.2 (05-09-12)-Added Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Persian language files.-Updated Swedish translation files.-Updated business.pot-Fixed/added missing translation wrappers to post pagination function.Version 3.1.1 (05-01-12)-Mobile Menu now works in phone landscape mode.-Fixed bug with broken "next" link in pagination.-Added Swedish and Russian language files.Version 3.1 (04-24-12)-Added missing $content_width global to theme setup function.-Updated pagination function with missing translation functions.-Updated business.pot.-Added Pinterest social icon option.Version 3.0.9 (04-17-12)-Removed ereg_replace from Google Font code for PHP 5.3 compatibility.-Re-added IE Quirks fix.-Removed several unnecessary options from theme options.-Removed some unused translation functions.Version 3.0.8 (04-10-12)-Added Hebrew language files.-Subheader responsive CSS tweak.-Fixed slider arrows not displaying until settings saved.Version 3.0.7 (04-03-12)-Fixed text bug related to previous "Read more" fix.Version 3.0.6 (04-03-12)-Unidentified index error fix for meta box code.-Added Romanian language files.-Updated business.pot.-Changed <!--more--> link text to "Read more…".-Removed height: auto from objects.-Fixed bug with archive of an empty category.-Adjusted "viewport" initial scale for full-width mobile device view.
  3. 3. Version 3.0.5 (03-28-12)-Fixed default slide image proportion.-Fix for Google Font library call for SSL compatibility.-Cleaned up some translation functions.-Updated business.pot.-Added Croatian language files.Version 3.0.4 (03-22-12)-Fixed blank space in licensing folder name causing update issues.-Removed link underlines from post byline.-Fixed broken third slide link on Front Page.-Re-added opt-in PressTrends option.Version 3.0.3 (03-18-12)-Added French translation files.-Added option to disable slider navigation arrows.-Updated search template code.Version 3.0.2 (03-13-12)-Fixed bug with archive template.-Widgetized Box element bug fix.Version 3.0.1 (03-08-12)-Removed PressTrends function.-Fixed bug where slider height doesnt resize correctly.-Removed some unecessary CSS and scripts.-Conditional to not display breadcrumb links on attachment pages.-Fixed fatal error on pages.Version 3.0 (03-07-12)-Moved to CyberChimps Response Core Framework based codebase.-Moved to Foundation Responsive CSS grid.-Added Slider, Callout and Widgetized Boxes Page Elements.-Added Front Page template.-Added Templates Theme Options.-Added localization support with built-in support for German, Dutch andPortuguese.Version 2.1.2 (01-05-12)-Fixed broken upgrade link.Version 2.1.1 (12-12-11)-Visual fix to theme options for WordPress 3.3 compatibility.-Fixed jQuery call for WordPress 3.3 compatibility.Version 2.1 (11-02-11)-Cleaned up HTML element styling.-Removed extra display of comments from index.-Added post page links to index.-Removed border on sidebar, added bottom border to posts instead.-Changed font family to websafe Arial, Helvetica, serif.-Fixed image alignment issue.-Added breadcrumb support.Version 2.0.1 (9-8-11)-Updated Nivo Slider to 2.6.-Enqueueing WP jQuery library again en lieu of Nivo Slider update.-Footer and Sidebar widgets now within a function that hooks into widgets_init.-Now stripping HTML from several option URL inputs.-Added trailing slashes to default social icon URLs.-Added height and width element to social icons.-Fixed floats not clearing on images.-Removed unnecessary text domain properties in options.php.-Added link to theme options settings in the Admin bar.
  4. 4. Version 2.0 (8-9-11)-Updated 404 page, added custom image.-Adjusted styling on archive pages.-Updated functions.php, added new scripts and cleaned up some existingfunctions.-Updated header.php - fixed title conditionals, added support for newlogo/favicon image uploaders, new page-level META options.-Added image uploader for logo and favicon, removed text input for URL.-Added color picker for link color.-Added Google +1 button option.-Added link to Author archives in post meta content.-Added drop down menu option for picking blog post category for feature slider.-Restyled theme options page.-General bug fixes.Version 1.0.5 (7-17-11)-Fixed bug causing long site title text to wrap prematurely.Version 1.0.4 (7-13-11)-Added Google + social icon.Version 1.0.3 (7-6-11)-Adjusted theme option CSS to eliminate WordPress 3.2 footer styling conflict.-Security fix in comments.php removing $_SERVER variable statement.-Cleaned up options.php, removed unnecessary functions.-Now enqueueing WordPress jQuery library instead of Googles for offlinefunctionality.Version 1.0.2 (6-16-2011)-Fixed whitespace issue at bottom of options.php causing "cannot modify headerinformation" error.Version 1.0.1 (6-13-2011)-Moved hardcoded Superfish script out of header, now enqueued in functions.php.-jQuery noconflict patch to fix third-party plugin compatibility issues.Version 1.0 (6-10-2011)-Initial release.