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Top 7 Camping Tips For Beginners


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7 camping tips every beginner should know about to make sure your camping trip is as successful and fun as possible. For more great camping tips and the best deals on all of your camping needs visit

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Top 7 Camping Tips For Beginners

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Ensures you have enough daylight to pitch your tent and get your camp situated  Less stress  Its really no fun to try and set up camp in the dark – we’ve tried and you don’t want to do it!  Have full day to enjoy  Why get to your campsite just to go to sleep? You might as well stay home, sleep in your own bed, then head out early the next morning
  3. 3.  Bring extra layers even in the summer  Nighttime temperatures can drop unexpectedly  Better to have an extra layer or two than try to sleep in the cold
  4. 4.  It gets darker than you can imagine away from city lights  The more lumens you have, the better – aim for over 1,000 lumens between all of your light sources to properly light your campsite  Propane lanterns are generally right around 900-1000 lumens. A propane lantern and a second tent lantern should be enough to be comfortable.  If using LED lanterns aim for at least 3 to spread around your campsite.  Flashlights are a must. Headlamps are even better.  Nighttime trips to the restroom  Late night walks or in case a return hike takes longer than anticipated and you get caught in the dark
  5. 5.  Pocket Knife  No man should ever be without a pocket knife, even on a day-to-day basis. More so when camping as you’d be surprised how often this little tool will come in handy.  Ax  Great for creating tinder or for breaking down larger pieces of firewood  Rubber Mallet  Perfect for staking your tent. Harder tools (like your ax) can be used but may break your stakes.
  6. 6.  Your tent is your living room and bedroom so why not keep it as clean as possible?  Remove your shoes before entering  Close your tent screen as soon as possible when entering or exiting to keep out bugs  Keep a small broom and dust pan inside to sweep any stray dirt or leaves.
  7. 7.  Lock all valuables in your trunk  Tents don’t provide much security when you’re away from camp  Place loose food items in your car overnight  Squirrels, raccoons, and other furry woodland creatures (including bears) will try to get at your food if you leave it out in the open
  8. 8.  The secret to a great camping trip is preparation and planning  Plan activities so you’re not sitting around bored  Plan all meals so you know exactly what you need to bring  Prepare for any emergencies that might occur  Bring extra clothes  Bring a first aid kit  Bring extra food and water  Bring extra paper towels and trash bags
  9. 9. Thank you for your time! For more great camping tips and the best deals on all your camping supply needs please visit