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Cannes Film Festival 2013 - Publicity for Indie Films


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Cloud 21 to offer Publicity, Public Relations and Digital PR services at Marche Du Film, Cannes Court Metrage(Short Film Corner) and Festival Du Film in 2013

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Cannes Film Festival 2013 - Publicity for Indie Films

  1. 1. ContactsPress RelationsGautam 323 432 6673World SalesFilm DistributionHalcyon International Pictures2620 South Maryland PkwySuite 970Las Vegas, NV 89169USAIn CannesBOOTH: RIVIERA F5 / G417 May @ 10:00 - RIVIERA 0119 May @ 11:30 - RIVIERA 02Tel : +1 310 989 4199 / +1 310 388 6887DOWNLOAD – RED CAMERA – DIGITAL INTERMEDIATE – 2.35:1
  2. 2. SYNOPSISJenna, Renee, Ian and Michael arrive at a lakeside cabinowned by Ians uncle Wade. Intending to enjoy a carefreeweekend, instead, three of them become locked in thehot sauna. First they think its Michael playing jokes onthem, but soon realize that help is not coming and theymust find a way out before the heat kills them. As theheat rises they are pushed to their physical andpsychological limits - staying alive is not easy any more.Breaking a small window - may be the worst thing theycan do, because cool air will trick the thermostat to runthe heater full blast. They need to get out, but all they canis waitWait for what, wait for who?!How long could you wait in the heat up to 250 degreeFahrenheit.
  3. 3. THE FILM MAKERSLevan Bakhia is the director of 247°F. Levans filmcareer began when he became the CEO of SarkeStudios. His directorial experience includes over 200TV commercials which are broadcasted worldwide.While being an avid film-maker, he continues to pursuehis passion for directing advertising films.Irakli Chikvaidze is one of the biggest producers fromGeorgia. His background ranges from producingsuccessful content for local market to profitable filmproductions for the International markets. Irkali is alsothe proud owner of the largest cinema chain in thecountry.The film, 247°F was co-directed by Levan Bakhia andBeqa Jguburia. Even though 247°F marks thedirectorial debut for both film-makers, they both havemore than 10 years of experience in directing TVcommercials.
  4. 4. CastScout Taylor-Compton JennaTravis Van Winkle IanMichael Copon MichaelChristina Ulloa ReneeTyler Mane WadeDirectorsLevan BakhiaBeqa JguburiaWritersLevan Bakhia StoryBeqa Oniani StoryLloyd S. WagnerProducersNick Apriashvili executive producerLevan Bakhia producerIrakli Chikvaidze executive producerLevan Kobakhidze line producerLevan Kobakhidze producerDavid Patarkalishvili producerOriginal MusicBeqa JguburiaDavid LaurieCinematographyVigen VartanovEditorPeter HollywoodCasting DirectorsDean E. FronkGillian HawserDonald Paul Pemrick
  5. 5. THE COMPANIESIn 2011 IMEDI TV formed IMEDI FILMS, a productioncompany conceived purely for the purpose of makinghigh quality, commercially viable, feature films. As partof this venture, IMEDI FILMS have made a substantialinvestment in production equipment and sound stage ofInternational standards.SARKE STUDIO is one of the biggest, largest andoldest production companies in the Caucasus region ofGeorgia. Since 1998, SARKE STUDIO has beenspecializing in TV commercial production. After havingover 800 TV commercials in the portfolio, SARKESTUDIO has now become a production serviceprovider for domestic and international projects, forboth Commercials and Film.SARKE STUDIO and IMEDI FILMS have partnered toproduce films together. The two corporations are amatch made in heaven. By joining the financial strengthof IMEDI FILMS and the production experience ofSARKE STUDIO, they have their goals set on makinghigh quality films, for US and International markets.In 2011, they finished the first joint venture - 247°F. Thefilm was premiered during AFM in 2011 and garneredmuch well deserved acclaim in the movie circles in theUS. It was immediately picked up by Anchor Bay to bereleased during the much awaited Halloween season inOctober 2012.
  6. 6. After its initialsuccess, IMEDIFILMS and SAKRESTUDIO havecommitted to a slateof 3 new films.
  7. 7. The Casting (Filming June-July / to be screenedat AFM 2012)When ten beautiful actresses show up for theaudition of a lifetime, they quickly realize this is noordinary casting call.Trapped in an abandoned factory, they are pittedagainst each other in a ruthless game of life anddeath. All they know is what a female voice has toldthem - she is one of them.In a race against the clock they must decide whothey think she is, and the one they choose will die. Ifthey are right they go free; if they wrong they faceever more brutal and deadly setups.The ruthless quest for survival spins off as one deathfollows another and only one question remains: Whois the Voice? Is she really one of them? Or is thiswhole ordeal as fake as the woman in the room?
  8. 8. The Salvia Experiment (Pre-production / to bescreened at AFM 2012)In a remote lab, six young psychology students willexplore the effects of the most psychoactive plantever discovered: SALVIA DIVINORUM.After prolonged exposure to "The Experiment", theybegin to slide into a fractured state of consciousnesswhere they can no longer differentiate reality fromfantasy, and as hallucinations take on real forms,their lives spiral into a chaotic fight for survival.
  9. 9. DEAD MOUNTAIN (To be filmed in winter 2013)During the winter of 1959, nine hikers venture outinto an isolated region of the Russian UralMountains, led by their brazen leader Igor Dyatlov.Encountering rough weather, Igor deviates the groupup a shorter trail on a mountain rumored by localIndian legend to be cursed. When group membersstart turning into corpses bearing inexplicable,horrific injuries, the remaining hikers quickly believethey have fallen victim to the mountain’s curse. Igor,in accordance with the Soviet doctrine, does all hecan to disprove evil’s existence and search for alogical explanation ignoring his friend’s pleas toleave.As the body count rises, and injuries become morebizarre, Igor’s desire to disprove the curse quicklyturns into a futile obsession. As he slowly descendsinto madness, the remaining hiker’s fears push themto the limit, and eventually... to their graves.This film serves as a testament to the the DyatlovPass incident of February 1959. After muchinvestigation Soviet officials determined only that "acompelling unknown force" had caused the deaths ofthe nine hikers; this has remained one of Russia’smost intriguing unsolved mysteries for over half acentury.