Radio Trailer Research


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Radio Trailer Research

  1. 1. Research into Radio TrailerTo create a radio trailer for our own short film, I plan to research trailers audios for our specificgenre being horror. I will explore a few rather than one in particular to see if there are anyconventions of radio film trailers which will therefore be found in all I have looked into.Finding it difficult to find radio clips from my research, I am going to watch several YouTube trailersand focus solely on their audio track. I will look at three different trailers from different time periodsto see what conventions have been kept in horror trailers as the industry has developed as this willprove they are crucial components. I will also consider the changes that have been made and adaptmy own trailer to suit a modern day horror audio advertisement.Hide and seek, 2004Sound Character Speech Happy ‘Boom’ House Opera singing feeling noises, door instrumental instrumental creak, curtain railEffect -Male character introduced by - Makes us - Loud and - Reality of - Sinister tone his conversation with female at initially shocking the film and created by beginning, talking about ‘Emily’ question the generally indicates the stereotypical which then allows character genre of the used after a setting as we views of narration to introduce the film and diminuendo relate the society on protagonist, being Emily herself. grabs the where music sounds, the opera singing. - Emily’s surety and tone is not audience’s becomes creaking of a It is solemn normal for the typical young girl attention as quieter or door and the and indicates and therefore sets the idea that they feel the after silence drawing back church further something is not quite right. need to for more of a curtain indicating - Emily whispering at end of discover the intense to a house. passing over trailer, counting in the ‘hide and advertiseme effect. to another seek’ style. Whispering a nt’s purpose. side after sinister mood is created as a death. loud suspense filled instrumental is playing simultaneously. Also speech ‘Charlie, come out come out wherever you are’ ironically combines innocence and evil as the tone of the character’s voice speck the stereotypical words to the childhood game ‘hide and seek’.The Eye, 2008Sound Rain and police Characters Tension Loud Silence sirens with low speech building motif whispering pitched violin voiceEffect - Dreary mood of - Indication to -Kept - The voice of -Used before a the rain uses the plot throughout an unknown loud chord or pathetic fallacy to - Introduces the film. source screech and indicate the horror the audience -At beginning creating an becomes the
  2. 2. genre. to the the motif is element of climax of - Police sirens are character e.g. quiet but mystery and tension an indexical sign male/female… dominant over makes the building. for danger the rest of the listener want - Can be scary sound. to find out because it is - Near end, what the such a motif plays by noise is. contrast to with a bass the loud behind to instrumental create more sounds. tension and indication of action.The woman in black, 2011 remakeSound Low level Thunder Musical Young girl reciting a poem Bangs wind storm and instrumental about ‘The woman in black’ howling rain meant to be from several old toysEffect Begins the Pathetic - Continuous -Has a sinister tone as it is not -These banging soundtrack fallacy throughout fitting with the norm of a noises are quick, to set the reflecting whole trailer young girl’s voice. Defies the loud and sharp eerie and eerie and innocence that children as the scene. mood. predominant represent with this surety. protagonist Suggests a ly at -Alternatively, the poem enters the dark windy beginning spoken by the child could haunted house. setting and end of resemble a child’s nursery The bangs get and a cold trailer. rhyme. closer together harsh -Rhyme continues throughout as the trailer tone. whole trailer explaining the progresses until story of the woman in black they lead into a briefly. short moment of silence.After looking at all three film trailers, it is clear to see that eerie everyday sounds play a keycomponent in creating tension as they indicate reality e.g. wind, rain, door creaking. A motif is key tocreate tension as it builds throughout the trailer into a brief silence to create climatic suspense. Atrailer always ends with this to create a mystery as to the film itself and encourages the listener togo see the whole film to discover the secret.