Pitch script1st part: Set up front screen and introduction to whole pitch After being set the task to create a short film,...
another character seems to be threatening due to the clever use of misleading language and themain characters reaction. Ho...
filmed over a period of time however to try and avoid any continuity error, each scene at least willbe filmed in one day. ...
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Pitch Script


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Pitch Script

  1. 1. Pitch script1st part: Set up front screen and introduction to whole pitch After being set the task to create a short film, we plan to collaboratively direct a five minute piecewith the concept being a psychological horror. ‘The Set Up’ as we shall call our piece is going toexplore the psychological aspect and play on key conventions of this specific genre to lead theaudience into a false sense of knowledge. The intended audience will be those who enjoy the ‘edgeof your seat’ type horror that has the viewer in constant suspense of what is about to happen. Themain idea of the film is of building to the climax whereby the audience will be shocked by the twistto the plot. Key horror conventions will take place throughout to signify the supposed genre andonly until the very end will it become clear that these horror stereotypes for example sound, haveallowed the viewer to become caught up in the theme and make the wrong assumptions as to theending of the short film. This presentation will discuss our plot and an in depth analysis of this aswell as an understanding to our approach as the creators and directors. We will then show you afilmed scene for an insight into ‘The Set Up’ and our means of camera shots, accompaniment furtherdevices that build suspense.2nd part: Plot explanationSian to speak3rd part: Introduction to 10 shot analysisTo explain the plot in further detail, we plan to discuss ten key shots throughout the short film. Eachshot is significant for a specific reason, using stereotypical horror conventions to build suspense andenhance fear among the audience.4th part: 10 shot talk throughSian to speak5th part: Our approach to the filmOur initial ideas for a short film were always going to be based around the genre ‘horror’ as we feltwe could make this effective with key horror conventions. Our idea for a psychological horror wasalso almost immediately decided as we wanted to not only use obvious horror aspects but to createa gripping storyline which would confuse the viewer until the short film comes to its resolution. Thiswill ensure that the audience do not lose interest and are left in constant suspense. The specificstoryline we will portray is our own invention using horror conventions to create fear and suspicionof a bad conclusion in the mind of the viewer when really signs were always present to indicate the‘surprise’ at the end. Our approach to the filming and sound will be the main focus of the film asthese will be what create the most tension whereas props, specifically the knife and the phone, notforgetting the isolated setting are things which the viewer associates with the genre ‘horror’ and aretherefore they support the predominant aspects e.g. eerie accompaniment and cantid angles whichbreak the equilibrium. The links in the film to the ‘surprise’ ending will be cleverly placed to seemlike conventions of a horror film. E.g. The phone call that takes place between the protagonist and
  2. 2. another character seems to be threatening due to the clever use of misleading language and themain characters reaction. However, we know this to be a party guest who is ringing a friend to askfor directions once the story has unravelled fully.6th part: Filming and technologyFrom directing this short film, we will have full control of the lighting and shooting as well as thesoundtrack. We will have one person playing the main character, a male whom has not beenspecified at this stage, and we will also need many extras, minimum of ten. Through the planningstages both members of the group have worked collaboratively suggesting concepts for plots of ashort film. Although Sian had the initial idea for the ‘Surprise’ psychological ending, I came up withmany of the signs and codes used throughout to make the audience let down their guard as to whatis actually going on e.g. the phone call with dialogue relevant to both the horror theme and thesurprise party theme.As an aspect that can make or break a film, the soundtrack will be of primary concern. To fit withcommon horror conventions that will allow the audience to be unintentionally mislead into a genretype we will use tension building music and natural sounds to portray the reality of each shot. Thebuzz tracks main aim is to build tension and create a sense of fear of the unknown among viewers.The lighting will need to be tended to allowing the audience to understand the night time darksetting which plays on general horror conventions; darkness represents the unknown a factor whichwill further challenge an audience’s fear of the unknown.To yet again keep to the horror conventions, we will include cantid angles, slightly off centre andtilted which suggest something concerning the scene is not quite right. We will also be filming closeups of the protagonist as he is the only character for most of the five minutes and it is important thatthe audience have a complete understanding of his mood changes and fear to further build overalltension. Tracking and over the shoulder shots will also be present to allow the viewer to see exactlywhat the protagonist can. However, they will see all situations from a completely differentperspective by knowing some things which the male character will be oblivious to. This inclusionshould create a closer relationship with the audience and build their interest in the plot.Sian and I shall split all practical work equally to have joint input into the piece and this in itself willcreate a greater piece with more ideas to explore. However as a photographer and with more skilland knowledge Sian will film predominantly for our film, with myself helping to direct and controllighting. We will both have input into the direction and editing of the film to play off of each other’sideas and aims for the piece.7th part: Film sceneNow, we will show you a scene from our short film which displays our ideas for the accompanimentand how we can use this to build suspense.8th part: About the filming and fundingThe project will be funded entirely by the directors being Hannah Holden and Sian Williams withcamera facilities donated by Ravenswood School’s media department. The short piece must be
  3. 3. filmed over a period of time however to try and avoid any continuity error, each scene at least willbe filmed in one day. The more filming possible in one day, the better as it is important to keep thesame lighting throughout to improve the fluidity and therefore pace of the short film. Naturallighting will play a key role in our piece to keep a realistic feel to the piece, another aspect which willrely quite heavily on keeping the time period of all filming to an absolute minimum. We hope to filmthe whole piece in the maximum of a week to have time before for appropriate and detailedplanning with time after filming to edit and to piece together an effective short film.We have aimed to finish all appropriate planning by the end of October to leave a small amount oftime for any changes to be corrected if we find plans unsuitable. By November we hope to be filmingour piece in the aim to get it finished in one of the first couple of weeks allowing anytime in the restof the month for extra filming and corrections and to start the editing stages. With time at the endof this month to spare we hope to create two different types of advertisement for our film and byDecember we hope to have the finished product of ‘The Set Up’.9th part: Q & AIf you have any final questions about our short film proposal then we will be happy to answer them.