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Images for Film Poster


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Images for Film Poster

  1. 1. When trying to create the poster for our short film, we decided to have the main character as ourmain image to symbolise this. We knew that as we were filming a psychological horror that byincluding any indications as to the surprise party at the end of the film would give away the horrorelement to the piece. Therefore we decided to incorporate the main character and his fear shownby his expression. To take these images I used a fugjfilm make digital camera with Sachin against ablank screen in order to make the editing easier to impose him into the poster.Photos of our protagonist, Sachin Chande to use as a focus point of our short film ‘The Set Up’. Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Shot 4 Shot 5 Shot 6 Shot 7 Shot 8 Shot 9
  2. 2. Shot 10 Shot 11 Shot 12Shot 13 Shot 14 Shot 15Shot 16 Shot 17
  3. 3. Below are the two images that we have decided would be best to use on our final poster.Shot 5 Shot 15 As mine and my partner’s film poster ideas were slightly different we needed both a medium shot of Sachin and a close up on his face. My idea included the medium shot with an outline of a figure behind him to suggest the horror theme and relates to the scene in the film when a figure is present outside the front door. My partner’s idea was to have a close up of his face with a glove covering his mouth relating to the end of the scene before the surprise party is revealed where the main character is grabbed from behind by an anonymous person.
  4. 4. We plan to try and create both posters in order to see which one is the most effective and to use thisas our final piece.