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Let the right one in           This film is a horror which portrays the life of a woman trapped inside a younger’s body as...
The climbing frame                                                                                                      No...
Bloody hand, blood being a horror                    Blurred background                            convention signifying d...
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Horror Film screenshots and annotation (Let the Right One In)


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Horror Film screenshots and annotation (Let the Right One In)

  1. 1. Let the right one in This film is a horror which portrays the life of a woman trapped inside a younger’s body as the life of a vampire. The story follows the relationship which builds between her and ‘Eli’ a young boy struggling through life. The representation of … shows her to be vulnerable much like a child as she kills on instinct by nature and not with an intent to purposely harm innocent people. The screenshots below display many different points during the film which play a significant role in the understanding of the plot form and structure of the piece as a whole. Trees suggest the setting to be isolated.Suspiciouslycrawling intobackgroundsuggests guilt. Pure white dog shows innocence as contrast to man hanging. Dog, known to be a ‘loyal companion’. Sheer brutality shown by hanging as The beginning scene is mysterious and shocking dog watches its owner. with a man hanging upside down from a tree, White snow makes his blood dripping into a can. This is an instant signs easier to see Dark background and setting signifier to a vampire film as conventions tell us e.g. red blood on signifies night time. that vampires must drink blood to survive. the white snow is clear to see in the LONG SHOT WE SEE ALL ASPECTS TO ALLOW darkness. AUDIENCE ANALYSIS OF THE SCENE. Council owned houses signified by their similarity and worn down look. Girl stands higher than boy at their first meeting to Signifies class. show her higher authority status. We learn later Dark background that this may be related to ‘age and the authority and setting she holds for this reason. signifies night time. Horror convention Girl stands on a climbing to add suspense. frame, an object related to her age range therefore LONG OVER THE makes the scene more SHOULDER SHOT realistic in their meeting. ALLOWS US TO SEE FROM ELI’S PERSOPECTIVE YET Snow suggests the Blonde hair suggests ALSO SEE THE hanging of the man has innocence and his hair STORY FROM AN not taken place long ago. cut signifies the time this AUDIENCE VIEW I.E. film was set, possibly 70s. THE BIGGER PICTURE.
  2. 2. The climbing frame Notice she is wearing is still present in little clothing in the their first meeting cold conditions yet to further represent he is wrapped up in a ‘age’. coat and scarf. Insight into her Estate vampire character buildings in C and therefore does background not feel the cold. to reinforce status. Notice Eli is more colourful than her Drab clothing suggestion of poor and the surroundings displaying him to status, bland and dreary clothing be the protagonist as we are drawn to blends with the background and him more than others in shot. could indicate the need to blend in; she is in hiding. MEDIUM SHOT CREATES THE FOCUS AROUND THE PROTAGONIST YET ALLOWS US TO SEE THE SETTING.Eli blurred out inbackground to Blood a link to hershow his form of a vampire ispresence but made. Subsequentlyour attention is a horror convention.drawn to thegirl. Red eyes to further signify her as a vampire. Looking down Hazy and away from Eli suggesting background she is ashamed. Does not fit signifying the with convention of horror as mysterious she is sad about her form adventure Eli is killing only on impulsive embarking upon instinct and for survival. and the large secret being Pale skin, signifier of her being a vampire and helps to kept from him. highlight the dark red blood on her face. MEDIUM SHOT OF VAMPIRE LETS US SEE HER AS THE FOCUS AND HER EXPRESSION, YET WE SEE ELI IN THE BACKGROUND CREATING SUSPENSE AS HE IS SO CLOSE TO REALISING THE TRUTH ABOUT HER.
  3. 3. Bloody hand, blood being a horror Blurred background convention signifying death yet hands to keep our eyes on CONTRADICTORY Coloured jumper touching shows a loving motion. the central hands. SHOT once again reference to era; Watch on Eli’s arm possibly 70’s. signifies the character as he wears this throughout.Snow on the groundrepresenting no large time Eli’s hand pure whitechange and helps the showing that he is the Irony of the pure white snow; purity related tocharacters to be seen clearer. sense of hope to the innocence and the blood on her hand. This same vampire. symbolism shown by her hand and his; innocent child’s hand and one covered in blood. CLOSE UP TO REFLECT THEIR CLOSE CONNECTION THAT HAS NOW FORMED. ALLOWS US TO SEE THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER AS A CLOSENESS, YET THE HAND HOLDNG IS APPROPRIATE FOR THEIR AGE. Evil intensity in Eli’s eyes signify that he is willing to use the weapon. Fact that he is a child makes the Knife, to be used as shot more sinister a weapon? This as a symbol of signifies the horror innocence has an is reaching a intention to kill. murderous scene and/or builds Tight grip on tension as the weapon signifies audience wait for the angry emotions the weapon to be he is feeling. used. MEDIUM SHOT Setting is a dreary CREATES THE room, possibly and FOCUS AROUND Warm clothing add abandoned building THE PROTAGONIST to the eerie feel of implied by the YET ALLOWS US TO the shot as they pipes and brick SEE THE SETTING. suggest he is in a wall. cold place.