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Creating Culture of Change for Retail Sustainability (Passion For Retail 09)


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David Ian Gray's presentation on topic of Sustainability in Retail as part of panel discussion at Retail BC's Passion for Retail Conference 05/09 Vancouver, Canada.

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Creating Culture of Change for Retail Sustainability (Passion For Retail 09)

  1. 1. Creating A Culture of Sustainability Retail BC Passion for Retail Conference May 5,2009 - Vancouver BC
  2. 2. Panelists  Amy Curry-Staschke, Director of Global Compliance, Lululemon.  David Labistour, CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-op.  Satnam Lalli, Independent Pharmacist and National Board of Pharmasave.  Carmen Spagnola, Founder of M, Sustainable Bed and Bath Retailer.
  3. 3. Change
  4. 4. Change
  5. 5. Three levels of true green
  6. 6. Three levels of true green
  7. 7. Complex systems Shoppers Retail shape shapes retail shoppers
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Retail strengths and weakness  Stronger: on tactics and short-term strategy, adaptation to its ‘environment’ and adopting new tactics.  Weaker: true innovation, organizational change, long-term vision and strategy.
  10. 10. Types of retail competitors Growth start- Mom & Pops ups & Chains (Self employed) concepts* The majority Fewer in At risk (but number Concentration continuously of Sales $ Catalysts for emerging) retail Greatest innovation influence
  11. 11. Technology drives retail change
  12. 12. Global Sourcing has too
  13. 13. “Good & Evil” Often a paradox in the same shopper. Shoppers want green plus:  Price, Quality, Convenience, Design  This is changing...  ... frugal = chic? 20
  14. 14. Canadian Retail Sales % Change Decline begins in Nov. % change from same month prior yr. Source: Statistics Canada
  15. 15. Now = tide is changing Long period of growth slowing even earlier “Rocks” getting exposed There will be a period of retail chaos
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Short-term challenges  No growth  Some winners
  19. 19. and opportunities  Acquisition  Real Estate  Improvement  For those with good balance sheets
  20. 20.  Green still on agenda  Must help bottom line  Catalyst to price curve
  21. 21. Sustainable Retail  The next transformative catalyst!  Similar to Internet in 90’s
  22. 22. Lessons from Internet adoption Dial-up, bbs Publishing “Retail Dead” Alt. Channels Multi-Channel email “Yellow Page” New Economy DSL Web 2.0 Netscape Ecommerce Rich media Alt Platforms 1994 1999 2009 Disruptive or Transformative?
  23. 23. Discussion: Creating A Culture of Sustainability Retail BC Passion for Retail Conference
  24. 24. Q1: Possible barriers… (from DIG360 Retail Cares Study) Customers not paying for it. Lack of human resources Budget restraints Lack of time We are doing much already; there are diminishing returns to our efforts. Customers not demanding it Difficult to make a business case
  25. 25. Question #1 Why discuss “change”, “strategy” & “culture”? ... ... we’ll tactically outsource or add solutions created by others as appropriate. 22
  26. 26. Sustainability drivers  Waste Reduction – cost savings  Not green product sales  Health + kids excepted  Price falling will help  Labour Market key  Risk management  Brand differentiation 34
  27. 27. Q2: Green retail drivers (Executive survey from DIG360 Retail Cares Study) More common Less common  It’s simply ‘the right  Generating sales from thing to do’ “ethical” shoppers  Reducing costs  Responding to key product vendors’ demands  Acting as a general brand differentiator  Attracting investors  Avoid lag behind our peers  Attracting and retaining employees  Meeting regulation
  28. 28. Question #2: OK, so we should consider ‘culture’, change management ...and continuous green improvement... But how do I build that foundation in my organization? What do I need to consider? 25
  29. 29. Question #3: What is retail’s gift (to a sustainable future)?... Am I to be an outstanding adapter and adopter of other solutions? Or... help develop the future ? Do I do this alone, or work with peers? 26
  30. 30. Green retail activities (Executive survey from DIG360 Retail Cares Study) More common Less common  Reducing waste in operations +/  Supporting specific or reducing energy use. environmental groups  Conducting green building and  Offering environmentally design (such as LEED) friendly products to consumers  Many mall-based / leased  Mandating eco-friendly premises packaging  Using green power  Developing or designing green  After sales environmental products product stewardship  Incorporating green procurement  Public accountability reporting of supplies and services.  Participation in carbon offset programmes
  31. 31. Thanks! For more information, contact: David Ian Gray DIG360 Consulting Ltd. Follow on Twitter: