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what's Difint?!

  1. what’s Difint?! b e h i n d t h e l o o k i n g g l a s s 2012 Difint, LLC
  2. Difint, LLC Founded in 2010 Skunkworks Division Mobile Apps (Initial focus iPad/iPhone/ iPod Touch) HexMaster KanaBattle Scale Tapper Hanzi Warrior Bopomo Blitz KanaBattle 2 2012 Difint, LLC
  3. Founded in 2010 DIFferential INTegration - http:// Anagram of FIND IT - ReZFQ1MrWTs 2012 Difint, LLC
  4. Skunkworks See 2012 Difint, LLC
  5. Mobile Apps HexMaster - Strategy-based puzzle game KanaBattle - Free Japanese learning resource Scale Tapper - Music exploration tool Hanzi Warrior - Chinese language- adventure game 2012 Difint, LLC
  6. HexMaster First iOS title published by Difint Strategy-Based Puzzle Game Over 2000 levels across 8 difficulties Rotate adjacent blocks while cycling 2012 Difint, LLC
  7. HexMaster Tapping the 7 rotates the 6,3,B and cycles to next color 2012 Difint, LLC
  8. KanaBattle Learn the Japanese syllabaries; Katakana and Hiragana Free app. Joyo Kanji available as in- app purchase #kph Kanji per Hour on Twitter - new 2012 Difint, LLC
  9. KanaBattle Rapidly acquire recognition of Japanese characters 2012 Difint, LLC
  10. Scale Tapper + http:// Explore Scales, Chords and Music Theory Interactive pitch constellations Interactive fretboard w/ custom tuning 2012 Difint, LLC
  11. Scale Tapper Interactive pitch constellations and custom-tunable fretboard 2012 Difint, LLC
  12. Hanzi Warrior Chinese language-adventure game Full corpus of HSK and TOCFL proficiency exams Arcade and Story modes to test recognition 2012 Difint, LLC
  13. Hanzi Warrior Practice or randomize your own Hanzi sets 2012 Difint, LLC
  14. Bopomo Blitz Fast-paced language-arcade game Learn the Bopomofo Chinese syllabary Break bricks, collect carrots, explode bombs 2012 Difint, LLC
  15. Bopomo Blitz 2012 Difint, LLC
  16. KanaBattle 2 Sequel to the free KanaBattle Role-playing Game for learning Japanese syllabary Featuring audio from a native speaker 2012 Difint, LLC
  17. KanaBattle 2 2012 Difint, LLC
  18. what’s Difint?! Groundbreaking Mobile Apps Tons of new ideas moving forward Comments, Questions, Investment funds? 2012 Difint, LLC
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