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Graph In Excel


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Graph In Excel

  1. 1. Step 1: Go to Start Menu Programs Microsoft Excel
  2. 2. Step 2: Enter the X axis information in Row 1 Enter the Y axis information in Row 2 See the next slide for an example
  3. 4. The text and numbers can be centered in each box by clicking on the box as shown This highlights the box (see A1 Light). Then click on centering (see red arrow)
  4. 5. You can adjust the box grid Lines by placing the cursor at the edge of the grid line At the top of the letter box and then drag the grid line.
  5. 8. Now click on one of the boxes which contains data. Then click on Chart Wizard.
  6. 9. Remember you need to click on a box that contains Data prior to clicking on chart Wizard. Do not click on an empty box such as this one:
  7. 10. Double click on picture Choose Your Graph Design And Click “Next”
  8. 11. Choose “Rows” And Click “Next”.
  9. 12. Enter the titles for the chart and the axis’ then click “Next”
  10. 13. Select “As a new Sheet” and click “Finish”
  11. 14. To change column colors double click on a column