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My7 Sq Brochure Us V9 Aw[1]

  1. 1. 5 1 It doesn’t end here. The perfect coach at your fingertips. Say Hello No other exercise machine provides such a complete and innovative combination of Over 250 customized programs. Over 1,000 exercise videos. Over a million different movement options and technology—and it’s all backed by our superior after-sales service combinations. The Power Plate® my7™ is the remarkable new exercise machine that takes and warranty that leave the competition standing still. your workout in a whole new direction. That’s because it’s with you every step from start to Your New to finish. In addition to our unique Advanced Vibration Technology™, the my7 features an integrated touch screen computer complete with coaching tips to guide you. Whether you Personal Trainer want to look better, feel better or play better, this advanced machine will take you there. Scan the QR code to explore the my7 on your web-enabled device or visit: Your time is precious. The my7™ will give you aPower Plate North America full-body workout inIrvine, CA USA less than 30 minutes.+1 877 877 ©2011 Power Plate North America Ltd. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. 2 3 4 Actually ... it is rocket science. It’s all about you. Take a look at your future. We did. First used by Soviet cosmonauts in the ‘60s to combat the effects of microgravity Every pre-programmed workout on the my7™ takes you through a warm-up, workout in space, Acceleration Training™ on the Power Plate® machine triggers the body’s and cool-down, using a combination of exercises drawn from the five key elements of Sweat-resistant touch screen Wireless connectivity option Upgradeable and expandable so you’ll never neuromuscular response to vibration. movement: Stretch, Balance, Core, Strength and Massage. outgrow it. Here’s how it works: The my7 is an intelligent virtual trainer that can flex with you, helping you to Padded, textured The my7™ is the first machine to use the proprietary personalize your workout. We’ve divided the programs into three lifestyle goals— + handlebar frame Power Plate Plug and Train™ expansion system, 01 04 feel better, look better and play better—all designed to help you achieve results. So + making upgrades and additional content easy Acceleration Training exercise uses These vibrations cause the whether you are preparing for a marathon, warming up for the ski season or looking to access through a USB stick or an internet the principle of Newton’s second muscles to contract reflexively + law, Force = Mass x Acceleration. between 30 and 40 times per to lose weight, the my7 has the solution. Recessed connection. You can also customize your profile and While conventional exercise second to deliver a full-body + speakers save your favorite workouts. With capacity for more increases mass, the vibration of workout. the Power Plate machine increases than 50 unique profiles, you can even invite your acceleration. + friends and family to create profiles too. 02 05 USB port Power Plate equipment vibrates Acceleration Training exercise Coming in 2012, the my7 will have even more primarily up and down to improve enhances your performance What would a good coach be without clear options with access to the 7-series website. Share muscle strength, and left to right while increasing the efficiency communication? and front to back to aid balance of your workout, allowing for a your progress, start a buddy group and enjoy and coordination. complete workout in less than 04 04 Seven-position proMOTION™ other community and tracking functions that move 30 minutes. The my7™ demonstrates and explains exercises tension adjustment with seamlessly from your my7 to your online account. to you so that you can focus on getting the 03 06 modular attachment option Power Plate equipment uses With regular Acceleration most out of every workout. PrecisionWave™ Technology— Training exercise, you will soon a high-fidelity harmonic vibration see results, such as an increase system that provides a controlled in strength and flexibility, Color options Lower control panel + level of vibration for consistent heightened muscle definition and and dependable results. tone, and reduced cellulite and available proMOTION™ technology keeps your body fat. workouts moving. LAN connectivity port Because not everyone is a rocket scientist, we’ve kept things simple by creating the + The my7 is our first home machine to feature G-Factor™, our progressive measurement for vibration forces. The my7™ knows when + proMOTION™ Dynamic Vibration Technology. it’s time to increase the intensity of your workout, setting the machine automatically for Silverstone Anti-skid surface + Now you can do traditional dynamic- optimal results. movement exercises like bicep curls, shoulder 6 Largest presses and rows while still benefiting from our The my7 applies Advanced Vibration Technology™. With seven gravitational forces to the 5 My Series platform + + levels of resistance, you’ll find the perfect G-Factor™ 4 body. At the highest Graphite 3 setting for every exercise, every time. setting, exercising on the 2 *Colors shown are an approximate my7 is safely producing 1 representation. Additional colors Dualsync™ resistance equal to five 30Hz / Low 35Hz / Low 40Hz / Low 30Hz / High 35Hz / High 40Hz / High available upon request for an additional fee. Twin Motor System times your body weight. Frequency/Amplitude Settings Discover the Difference ©2011 Power rights reserved. International Ltd. All Discover the Difference