Technology creates social isolation and neurosis


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Technology creates social isolation and neurosis

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Definitions Technology & Addiction Technology That Causes Social Isolation and Neurosis Facebook – Good or Bad Video Games – Good or Bad Conclusion References
  3. 3. DEFINITIONS Social Isolation – Social Isolation is defined by a lack of contact with people in normal daily living in areas such as work, with friends or in any social environment. Neurosis – Neurosis is a minor mental illness involving forms of stress such as depression and anxiety. Addiction – Addiction can be described as a physical and mental dependence on a certain thing.
  4. 4.  Technology has diminished the want for human interaction In Today’s society you can see a group of friends all together but never really together. This is due to them all being on their cell phones. In todays Society People are more connected than ever but far less human contact than ever. This lack of focus or drive to be social can be known as social isolation.
  5. 5. ADDICTION & TECHNOLOGY Many people don’t think about it but technology can be addicting Addiction can be defined as being physically dependent on something, without that thing you can feel withdrawal. It is not always easy to notice the effects of an addition until you have to do without the item. These addictions to technology often cause social isolation and/or neurosis.
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY THAT CAUSES SOCIALISOLATION AND NEUROSIS Social Media – Often makes  Technology has advanced so you self conscious seeing how much and so rapidly. These everyone looks and comparing technologies such as video your life to others. (Facebook, games, computers and smart Twitter, Pintrist) phones have changed how Video Games – Takes up people live their lives. massive amount of time without feeling like it. As well  Technology can be a good as taking focus away from thing if it is controlled, but friends, family and even often people become addicted yourself. to technology such as using Cell Phones – Texting instead Facebook or playing video of having a real conversation games that they become with people. hermits and are rarely seen outside with people.
  7. 7. Facebook – Good or Bad Facebook with the right amount of use can be useful. But many people take it to far and spend many hours on Facebook. It has been proven that frequent users of Facebook tend to be more lonely, not alone but the mental feeling of being lonely. “The vast majority (85%) of the 1,000 people polled said they used Facebook as part of their regular routines. About a third said they used Facebook to stay on top of things and two-thirds admitted they used it to kill time. One quarter said they felt “ill at ease” if they can’t log in regularly. Sounds a lot like withdrawal.” (Walton, 2012) (Walton, 2012)
  8. 8. PROS & CONS OF SOCIAL NETWORKINGPros Cons  Keep in touch with distant  Consumption of time relationships  Its an addition to many  Easy and quick to mass  The more its used the more inform of important situations unhappy people are (such as sick friend or  Adds to body image issues hospitalize person)  Easy to Compare people,  Keeps people connected to decreasing self-esteem and the other wise unknown self-image  Spread ideas and concerns  Changes perception of to mass people ourselves (Forbes, 2012)
  9. 9. VIDEO GAMES – GOOD OR BAD Video Games seem to be a very big topic with social isolation. Many people who play video games a lot generally have very few friend or in some cases the only friends they have are through playing these games. (Not always the case) Video Games are very easy to get lost in. some people get so lose in the virtual reality that they do not feel the need or get the chance to experience real life. There have been documented cases of people getting so caught up in a video game that they neglect their on body or children that people have died. “a boy in Beijing took it to the next level. Apparently having lost himself in the game, World of Warcraft, he “became” a fire mage in his mind, and set his classmate on fire.”(Lam, 2010) It is not only important to go out and be social, but to remember whats real and whats not.
  10. 10. PROS AND CONS OF VIDEO GAMESPros Cons  Time Consumption Can teach problem solving  Addition and cognitive kills  Does not promote physical activity Increase Decision making  Increases violent behavior and skills criminal tendencies  Can give false expectations of real Medical research shown to life use video games to recover  People lost in video games and from injuries and gain motor believe real life is the game  Decreases proactive behavior skills and coordination.  Have caused deaths (see next slide)  Decreased social life (Rudon, n.d.)
  11. 11. EXAMPLES Many people tend to isolate themselves from social situations. These are some of the ways I have seen this done: A group that is together but all on their phones. Listening to music on an MP3 player will in a social atmosphere. Watching the TV at a restaurant instead of talking to your company. Kids in school playing portable games on lunch. These are just a few but Im sure you can think of many more.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION I Believe that new Technology is a problem if we keep heading in the direction we are going. People need to slow down and get out, you should be able to put down a game or your phone and focus on maintaining relationships and an active life style. Technology has sadly taken control of man peoples lives everywhere you look. It is hard to walk through a mall without seeing someone or a group of people on their phones. I strongly believe people need to step back and take a look at how often they use technology and how often they engage in a social setting face to face not by texting or using Facebook
  13. 13. REFERENCES Walton, Alice. (April, 2012) Forbes. The True Costs of Facebook Addiction. Retrieved From: of-facebook-addiction-low-self-esteem-and-poor-body-image/ Rudon, Timothy. (n.d.) Self Growth. 10 Benefits of Video Games. Retrieved From: ml Lam, Rick. (November, 2010) Listverse. Top 10 Cases of Extreme Game Addition. Retrieved From: 10-cases-of-extreme-game-addiction/