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Innovation | Passion...
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PMP certified, with over 15 years experience managing customer
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● Built a 10-person team to perform implementations, mi-
grations, custom programs...
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CaseStudy2 TheProjectLifecycle
1define 2pl...
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“I have had the
pleasure of working
with Susan for several
years, bot...
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WorkSamples ProjectAccountabilityandPlanning
-Bill Pollard, Director of Program Se...
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WorkSamples ProjectControl
-Tony Payn – Senior Director of Australian/New Zealand ...
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Sample Interview Presentation Package


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Design and development of a comprehensive package consisting of your Interview Presentation, Action Plan, Profile and Recommendations, Business Cards and Folios. Note: Packages start at $699. Contact us for a quote before purchase at View additional career branding services at!

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Sample Interview Presentation Package

  1. 1. 813.368.6180» CandidateProfile-SusanHarrell,PMP ProgramManagementProfessional Innovation | Passion | Results
  2. 2. 813.368.6180 » . CoreCompetencies PMP certified, with over 15 years experience managing customer implementations, application development and information devel- opment (online help and product documentation) projects. Actively utilize project management methodologies to deliver successful projects. Familiar with IT certifications and possess an attention to detail and solid coordination skills to manage such a project. Solid experience working with customers to understand the re- quirements needed to deliver the contract solution. Experienced facilitating requirements gathering, planning scope, resource sizing, schedule analysis and developing solid comprehensive project plans that cover the full project life cycle. Accomplished at identifying project risks and developing contingency plans to mitigate the risk. Excel at managing a project budget, finding ways to stay within budget without compromising quality and routinely track profitability measurements. Understand invoicing and licensing processes and issues related to installing custom solutions at customer locations. Possess exceptional organization skills and capable of managing multiple customer projects at one time. Proven experience managing diverse and virtual teams (employees and vendor personnel). Com- fortable managing stressful customer satisfaction issues and project team issues. Innovative problem solver and demonstrates leadership qualities to direct project teams and build a collaborative, high perfor- mance work environment. Excel at communicating effectively and respectfully with internal and external customers. Possess the written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills to facilitate resolutions workable for both parties. Able to work independently, as well as part of a larger team. Communicating status to stakeholders and project teams are key to maintaining a common understanding. TheCriticalSkills Proven track record establishing, maintaining and nurturing customer relationships. Follow-on business typically follows project completion. Excel at managing and resolving customer concerns or issues. Able to address additional customer requests via project change requests as a method to protect scope creep. Experienced managing unexpected resource changes or issues to maintain project schedules. Experienced working with vendors and third-party contractors on project efforts. Dedicated to providing staff with tools or technical assistance to meet aggressive schedules in a fast paced environment. Comfortable managing expedited project deadlines. Possess analytical, research and problem solving skills to lead diverse customer projects and address complex issues. Always evaluating business processes to see if they can be improved or streamlined. Proficient using Microsoft Office and Project tools. -Adam Clyde, IBM Technical Sales Manager
  3. 3. 813.368.6180 » ● Built a 10-person team to perform implementations, mi- grations, custom programs, training, and problem resolu- tion. ● Focal point between the customer and internal resources. ● Created a custom project plan to manage project activities and timeline. ● Managed a risk management plan along with a contingen- cy plan. ● Supported project resources by obtaining whatever they needed to complete their tasks including negotiating assistance with other business units. ● Managed project teams cost, quality, delivery time frame, profitability measurements and schedule. ● Assisted team by researching and developing custom training materials for the Legal end-user training. ● Held weekly status calls and delivered weekly status reports documenting accomplishments, planned activi- ties, issues, action items, key milestones, and concerns. ● Developed separate customer financial report to identify billable hours, fixed price milestones and expenses. ● Managed Issues and Action Item logs throughout the life of the project. ● Created change requests and statement of works for new customer requests. Worked closely with Sales on all contract requests. ● Upgraded content management (CM) environment and installed four new software solutions. Exten- sive testing was performed prior to customer acceptance ● Migrated all customer production data from the old CM version to the new. ● Developed custom code to convert old archived emails to the format needed by new email archive system. ● Tested the legal search capabilities. ● Created training materials and held training for legal group. ● Trained IT group on records management. ● Customized records management functionality to create more rules for managing the archived emails and data. ● Activated records management customizations in Production. 1 5 Results 3 Milestones Challenge 2 ActionCaseStudy1ProjectLeadership ReinventingLegalDiscoveryUtilizingNewIBMTechnology 4Obstacles ● Save time and legal and IT resources needed to search archives by providing advanced search tools designed for litigation searches. ● To accomplish this, the customer needed to move old archived emails to a new archive system in order to use the new search tools. ● Customer needed to drastically reduce space needed to house company’s archived emails and documents. ● This project used five newly released IBM software products that would make this solution possible. ● Customer was the first company to use the new software. The project progress was closely managed and potential software issues were escalated to facilitate immediate assistance. ● Lined up design, development, product architects and other experts, as needed, to assist with resolving product problems during implementation. ● Utilized escalation management and key management across business units to minimize time resolving urgent software issues. ● Factored in buffer to address delays in software releases. ● Email migration between two archive systems had not been done before. Negotiated assistance from key migration specialists to advise us. ● Negotiated with Sales special funding to cover resource costs during migration tool defect issues. ● Successfully migrated all customer production data. ● Freed up considerable customer storage used for old email archive. New archival software required 70% less space than the old email solution storage required. ● Overcame technological limitations to successfully develop custom tools to convert old archive emails to new archive format. ● Discovered new capacity planning and installation requirements that should be discussed in pre- sales phase to bypass potential issues. ● The customer legal staff readily accepted the new archive and search/discovery tools as it shortened their discovery process and provided higher quality results. ● Key customer IT managers spoke at IBM’s annual conference held in Las Vegas, 2010 on their positive experiences and overall savings achieved as a result of implementing this new solution. Sessions were standing room only. ● Client became a formal reference for IBM so potential customers interested in this solution could contact them about the details of this solution. John Goodman, IBM Software Group, Industry Solutions Implementation Services Director
  4. 4. 813.368.6180 » CaseStudy2 TheProjectLifecycle AProcessinEfficiency,ExecutionandImpact 1define 2plan 3execute 4close ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● -Wayne Senitta / Eric Fonkalsrud, Senior Technical Architects at IBM Software Group
  5. 5. 813.368.6180 » Endorsements “I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for several years, both of us doing Project Man- agement work. I have always found Susan to be highly profes- sional, well prepared, and very thorough in her work. I consider these to be essential traits for a successful- ly managed project, and consider Susan an excellent example of how one should manage projects.” Barbara Sanders, Sr. Project Manager, IBM “I have had the pleasure of working with Susan at IBM. She has always been highly motivated and very customer centric. I have always admired Susan's ability for organiza- tion, as well as her ability to motivate people that were not actually her direct reports. Her ability to mentor in these areas was greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to work with Susan again, or to recommend her for any position requiring these skills.” Dave Warner, Advisory Project Manager, IBM Witzer AdditionalendorsementscanbefoundonSusan’s LinkedInProfile: “Susan's project management capabilities, professionalism, and grace under pressure enabled her to lead distributed, disparate, and distressed groups to successful project con- clusions despite the constant confusion and politics associ- ated with CP’s junior status in a global corporate merger. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Susan in the future.” Jeff Witzer, PMP, Project Manager at CP Ships “It was a pleasure to work with Susan and I frequently wanted her to manage my projects. She is very detail-oriented and thorough. She was able to develop strong client relationships and effectively handle issues as they occurred. Having Susan in charge of the project defi- nitely made my job easier.” Bryon Isaacs, Software Services Sales Manager, IBM Isaacs Warner Sanders -Jonathan Foo, IBM Sales – Technical Sales Specialist
  6. 6. 813.368.6180 » WorkSamples ProjectAccountabilityandPlanning -Bill Pollard, Director of Program Service Delivery, CP Ships This is a sample page of a comprehensive Project Plan used to implement a next generation enterprise content management project in support of a gas/oil energy client. BRIEF
  7. 7. 813.368.6180 » WorkSamples ProjectControl -Tony Payn – Senior Director of Australian/New Zealand Oceanic Operations at CP Ships This screen capture shows a financial spreadsheet used to track budget hours versus actual hours. The resource costs and billable rates were factored in to determine planned versus actual profitability rates. BRIEF