Human vs. nature


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Human vs. nature

  1. 1. Human vs. Nature
  2. 2. Carrots A slice of carrot is similar to an eye lens! Research has shown that carrots are very useful for the eyesight. Eating carrots wont( give a nearsighted person 20/20 vision. But carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A -- a crucial nutrient for maintaining proper eyesight.
  3. 3. TomatoesA slice of tomato is similar tothe heart through its fourchambers.A tomato is a good source ofvitamins and acts as a bloodpurifier. Regular consumption oftomatoes is known to reducethe risk of heart diseases.Rich in Vitamin K, tomatoeshelps to prevent occurrences ofhemorrhages.
  4. 4. Kidney BeansKidney bean is similar to thekidney in shape and color.Kidney beans provide a varietyof minerals and vitamins. Theyare rich in fiber, provideenergy, stabilize blood sugarand contain manyvitamins, minerals andnutrients. If your kidneys arehealthy, kidney beans can --when consumed as part of abalanced diet -- contribute toyour kidney health.
  5. 5. OnionOnion Looks like the body cells,and research shows that onionshelp to get rid of body residue andmakes human eyes shed tears,cleaned the eye layers. They alsocontain phlavonoids, which arepigments that give vegetables theircolor. These compounds act asantioxidants, have a directantitumor effect and haveimmune-enhancing properties.
  6. 6. GrapesGrapes look like the shape of theheart, and every grain of grape-like bloody cell...!!Research has shown that grape isgood for heart and blood also. Theheart-healthy benefits of grapes isthe result of the phytochemicals(naturally occurring antioxidants)activating a protective process inthe genes that reduces damage tothe heart muscle.
  7. 7. WalnutHalf walnut looks like a brain(a nutty, crunchy, deliciousbrain!). The human brain ismade up of about 60% of whatis called "structural fat" andneeds high-quality fats likeomega-3s to function properlyby keeping the brain fluid andflexible. Walnuts are loadedwith omega-3s, which makethem the ultimate "brain food."