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How much should i eat?


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what is my portion size?

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How much should i eat?

  1. 1. How much should I eat?
  2. 2. Some other hints!!
  3. 3. Fruits & Veggies Tennis ball1 cup raw veggies 2 cups leafy greens =1 cup fresh‐cut fruit¼ cup dried fruit
  4. 4. Low fat Dairy Coffee Mug1 cup light yogurt2 cup skimmed milk =1 cup fortified soymilk
  5. 5. Lean Protein½ cup low‐fat tuna salad = fist1 oz. turkey lunchmeat = DVD95% lean hamburger = hockey puck½ cup beans or lentils = fist
  6. 6. Fiber‐Rich carbs1 cup whole grain cereal = fist½ cup whole wheat pasta = fist3 cups low‐fat popcorn = tennis ballx3
  7. 7. Healthy fats Ping pong ball2tbsp. Salad dressing2tbsp. Ground flaxseed =2 tbsp. avocado2 tsp. soft‐tub margarine
  8. 8. Sweets & TreatsServing of chips = tennis ball½ cup ice cream= ping pong ballSlice cake = hockey puckServing of gummy bears = ping pong ball