Clampco Products, Inc. - Diesel Progress Supplier Connection


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Clampco Products, Inc. presentation for Diesel Progress Supplier Connection

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Clampco Products, Inc. - Diesel Progress Supplier Connection

  1. 1. Company Profile WORLDWIDE CLAMPING SPECIALISTS Corporate Headquarters & Manufacturing Clampco Products, Inc. 1743 Wall Rd. Wadsworth, OH 44281 (330) 336-8850 Derek Sandborn August 2013 Sales & Marketing Manager Come Visit Us at the Show! • SAE Commercial Vehicle Congress Oct 1-3, 2013 Booth 404 Rosemont Stephens Conv. Center • Diesel Emission Conference USA Oct 22-24, 2013 Booth 18 Atlanta Hyatt Regency
  2. 2. Clamp Manufacturer For All Heavy Duty Diesel Markets
  3. 3.  Privately Held Clamp Manufacturer Established in 1971  Single Manufacturing Facility (72,000 Sq-ft) Located in Wadsworth Ohio  Serve over 35 different market segments with no more than 25% annual sales associated with any single market. (See following slide for major markets served)  Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Facility • Manufacturing processes include Press room (60-300 tons), (2) Roll Form Mills, Resistance/Mig Weld Cells and Single Point Spot welders, Custom Bending /Rolling /Assy. Equipment, Automated Swiss Turn, CNC Machining/Turning, and Fully Equipped /Staffed Tool Room.  Design utilizing Pro E (Wildfire 4.0) / Solidworks (3-d) and Autocad (2-d)  Certified to ISO 9001:2008 with Design (Implementing ISO 14001 in 2013)  (2) Shifts with 114 full time employees  Engineering/Technical Expertise (We ONLY Manufacture Clamps)  Variety (Over 19,000 Clamp Designs to Date) w/ No Clamp Size Limitations  Reverse Engineering/In-house Rapid Prototyping  Industry Best Lead-times - EDI Capable Business Summary
  4. 4.  Aftermarket Performance / Racing  Ag. / Construction Vehicles(Off-road)  Aircraft/Aerospace  Automotive  Bulk Solids Process/Mining  Diesel Emission Control (DPF/SCR)  Energy  Filtration  Heavy Truck (Class 8)  Industrial Distributors  Irrigation  Just in Time Distributors / VMI  Marine  Military Vehicles/ Defense  Pump/Valve/Hose  Water Treatment Diversified Customer Base Very Market Diversified/Clampco Utilitzes Experience Gained From All Markets To Offer Clamp Solutions and Improved Clamp Products to Our Customers Clampco actively supplies Customers in over 35 Different Markets
  5. 5. E xperts in D esign and M anufacture of C lam ps U sed in D iesel A fter- T reatm ent S ystem s
  6. 6. Types of Clamps Manufactured  V-Band Clamps  T-Bolt Band Clamps  Barrel Hardware Clamps  Worm Drive Clamps  Straps and Strap Assemblies
  7. 7. Common Clamp Products Found on OEM Applications T-Bolt Band Clamps  Offer both 94100 Series (zinc plated carbon steel bolt/nut and 94106 Series (stainless bolt/nut)  Clampco also offers 941YL Series(All 316 Stainless) Marine Grade T-bolt Clamps  Floating bridge option suggested for Silicone Hose applications  Numerous latch options to suit every application  Custom designs to meet your application requirements Common Applications  Air Intake Hose Connections  Mounting of DPF/Oil Cooler Canisters  HVAC Air Duct Connections  Cold Side Charge Air Connections  Fluid Hose Connections  Marine Hose Connections (316 stainless)
  8. 8. Common Clamp Products Found on OEM Applications Spring Loaded T-bolt Band Clamps Offer both 94143 Series Light Duty Series and 94158 Series Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Clamps  Recommended for critical hose applications where “Cold Flow” conditions are a concern  Spring-Loaded Clamps are designed to compensate for fluctuations in all types of hose line assemblies. When temperature and/or pressure changes cause hose lines to expand or contract, Clampco Spring-Loaded Clamps adjust accordingly to provide constant band tension. Floating bridge is standard option for this product  This product far exceeds the capabilities of standard Constant Torque style clamps  Now offering High Corrosion Resistant Option!! Common Applications  Coolant & Air Intake Hose Connections  Diesel Engine Hot Side Charge Air Connections  Marine Silicone Hose Connections  Performance Racing Applications
  9. 9. Common Clamp Products Found on OEM Applications V-band Clamps (Also known as V-band or Marman Couplings)  Clampco custom engineers V-band clamps based on specific application corrosion, temperature, radial/axial load and leakage rate requirements Endless design capabilities to match joint seal requirements  Manufacture V-band clamps from 1.75” to 80” diameters  Numerous latch options to suit every application  Custom designs to meet your application requirements Common Applications  Turbo Chargers  Diesel After-Treatment Systems  Exhaust Manifold Connections  Fluid Filtration Systems  Pumps Turbo Applications DPF Applications
  10. 10. Factors taken into consideration for New Product Development that allow Clampco to identify Cost Drivers and offer Clamp Products that meet Customer Performance Criteria and Cost Targets 1. General understanding of application/system our product will clamp, fasten or join • Identify and understand Customer Product requiring Clamp Product and end use of Customer Product ( i.e. V-band clamp for SCR system used on Off-road Construction Vehicle) Different factors come into play based on end use of Customer Product. (i.e. On-road vs Off-road) 2. Take into consideration any extreme durability requirements due to high temperatures, radial/axial loads or high corrosion environment. • High heat/corrosive environments may require special Stainless Materials or Components. Mounting orientation (vertical/horizontal) or high vibration/shock may create excessive strain on clamp, creating leak paths. 3. Leak-rate requirements / Special gasket material (high compression requirement) • Often, not enough attention is placed on gasket materials and compression specifications to meet leak-rate requirements. High gasket compression requirements, coupled with other clamp load requirements may exceed clamp v-retainer material capabilities. Provided the proper information, Clampco Engineering can assist our Customers in providing clamp load capability calculations and offer designs that will exceed Customer Specifications.
  11. 11. 4. Special access requirements/ clearance issues that demand special latch configuration or clamp orientation. • Diesel Emission After-treatment systems demand large amounts of space. Finding mounting locations for multiple vehicle platforms is challenging. Clampco can offer low profile latch/hardware options that improve ease of assembly in minimal clearance areas. 5. Does the application require frequent maintenance (Air Filter) that would lend itself to a Quick Release/Over-center Handle latch design (Add Value to the Customer Application) • Clampco offers numerous Latch Configurations to meet Customer Specific Requirements. 5. Special Serviceability /Warranty requirements for application (install/disassembly without thread galling or damage to clamp) • With ever-increasing Customer demand for longer Warranty Periods and Increased Component Lifecycle, Clampco offers proven design options to help meet these stringent requirements. Design options include the use of 1. Various component material variations (dissimilar and/or high temp. resistant materials) 2. Custom component coatings (silver plate/Mil Spec. dry film lube) used on both fasteners and V-inserts 3. Use of proven Aerospace grade fasteners that have proven history of resisting thread galling 4. Can lower grade of stainless be utilized (409/441) or will increased grade be required (321 or A286) Factors taken into consideration for New Product Dev. Cont’d
  12. 12. 8. Design flexibility with flange configuration to take advantage of existing common profiles to avoid costly tooling, special material spot buy costs and improved lead time • To avoid tooling costs and allow for improved turn around for DV part testing, Clampco recommends Customers utilize one of our standard V-retainer insert profiles shown on page 21 of our Clampco Catalog. (also online We normally recommend our 81 or 82 Series retainer for Diesel After-treatment Systems. Based on your performance requirements, existing flange profile and gasket information, Clampco Engineering can also custom design a V-retainer insert for your application. 9. Provide 3-d models when possible to identify clearance issues and also allow for pre- bends in Strap applications to reduce take-up when tightening (reduced thread galling) • Though it is not necessary, 3-d product models offer valuable information that allows Clampco the best opportunity to offer the best design proposal at the lowest cost. Factors taken into consideration for New Product Dev. Cont’d
  13. 13. Mandated Global Emission Reduction initiatives, Improved Vehicle Durability/Extended Warranty Period, Reduction in Fuel Consumption, coupled with Pressures to Reduce Costs are all factors that continue to challenge Customers. Clampco has a long track record of supporting our customers’ efforts to meet these challenges through Lean Product Design/Development and VAVE Cost Reduction Activities. By working directly with customer Development Engineering and Adv. Purchasing, Clampco is able to assist with the design and development of custom clamps and straps that will meet OEM performance requirements while minimizing cost impact. Clampco offers in-house Rapid Prototyping services to support Customer R&D testing to verify component and system performance. Our ability to provide fast prototypes is critical for new product validation or system validation of engineering changes. Clampco provides customers the ability to react quickly to product improvement requests from your OEM customers. Clampco distinguishes itself in the clamp industry with our ability to provide both low volume prototype/production and high volume production quantities. This is important, considering that any change in supplier may require additional R&D testing and validation,, thus increasing cost and time to launch a new product or implement a product improvement. By offering full support of advanced product design through production manufacturing, Clampco helps our customers avoid costly delays with New Product Integration. Summary How does Clampco offer value to our Diesel Engine/Exhaust Customers?
  14. 14. Please feel free to contact me to review your Custom Application or provide assistance in Clamp Related Issues you are having with our Clamp Product or a competitor’s Clamp Product. Sincerely, Derek Sandborn Sales and Marketing Manager Clampco Products, Inc. 1743 Wall Rd. Wadsworth, OH 44281 Ph. (330) 336-8857 ext. 116 Cell (330) 419-1812 email Thank You