Edte 314 project danielle and nicole


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Edte 314 project danielle and nicole

  1. 1. Transformative Unit Plan Soccer Nicole Rossitto and Danielle Ieraci
  2. 2. Classroom  7th grade physical education class  In an urban district  Predominately Hispanic  45 minutes per class  2 days a week or 3 days a week  Students will be required to explore the community and see how soccer is played and who is playing soccer.
  3. 3. Unit Level Questions  To what extent can Soccer create a positive correlation between genders in the community?  To what extent can soccer contribute to appropriate sportsmanship?  This Unit is critical constructivism because students are given the opportunity to think divergently and be creative.
  4. 4. Day One  Lesson Level Question: What is soccer and how is soccer involved in your neighborhood?  In this lesson students will be broken into small groups and will have to discuss what soccer is and then how it is involved in their lives. There are many different answers we are looking for. Come back and discuss their thoughts. Create a poster with a diagram that represents the main goals of soccer and how it pertains to outside the classroom  Students will be assigned a one page observation on how soccer is involved in the community. Is not due until the last day of the unit.
  5. 5. Day Two  Lesson Level Questions: How can you use passing skills in the community?  Lesson 2 contains basics of passing skills (physically) while coordinating an understanding of community.  Students will remain in small groups and each will be given a task to complete that builds skills of passing and teamwork.  After each task groups will discuss the lesson level question before beginning the next task or skill.  Before the end of class students will write down their answers for the lesson level question.
  6. 6. Day Three  Lesson Level Question: How does building hand eye coordination help with daily activities?  Lesson Level Question: How do different scenic views change the outlook on soccer?  Depending on weather, students will dribble back and forth with a partner. When students are comfortable they are allowed to dribble the entire back field exploring different scenery. Must find a new partner and get to know them.  Teacher will be observing skills and participation based on a 5 pt scale.
  7. 7. Day Four  Lesson Level Question: What are your specific goals in life? Do you think different genders have different goals?  Students will get into groups of four with at least 2 boys and 2 girls. Each member of the group will have the opportunity to shoot a soccer ball into a goal. This drill will have one teammate dribble to the cone. Then communicate to the other player for a pass. The 2nd player will shoot the ball on goal. Students will name goals out loud before they shoot the ball.  At the end of the lesson do you think working with the opposite gender helped or hurt your chance of success?
  8. 8. Day Five  Lesson Level Question: While learning defensive skills do you feel there will be obstacles to overcome on the field?  Lesson Level Question: Do you feel that people face obstacles in real life? What are some examples you are familiar with?  Students will split into teams of 5. One team will be offensive one will be defensive. Not competitive. Team offense will dribble/pass towards team defense. Team defense will come up with strategies to prevent Team Offense from reaching the other side. Team Offense needs to devise a plan to reach the other side.  What strategies did each team find successful?
  9. 9. Day Six  Lesson Level Question: Working with new teammates did you come up with new ways to play soccer?  Lesson Level Question: Do you feel good sportsmanship can bring success on and off the field? Why?  Today students will have new teams of 5. Real game play will occur. Students will have a round robin tournament to complete in two days. Students must come up with team names that represent the Olympic games.  Teacher will be observing skills and participation based on a 5 pt scale.
  10. 10. Day Seven  Lesson Level Question: How did each gender contribute to game play?  This is a continuation of day six.  At the end of round robin students will be given an assignment to complete. This assignment will assess how the student worked with different genders and if they feel this brought a positive outcome.  Teacher will be observing skills and participation based on a 5 pt scale.
  11. 11. Day Eight  Lesson Level Question: During the seminar how could it be possible to create your own tournament?  Students will take part in a seminar given by a professional soccer player. Students will learn skills and drills to increase their experience. This athlete will be from their area. He/She will express their life story and how they reached their goals.  Teacher will be observing skills and participation based on a 5 pt scale.
  12. 12. Day Nine  Lesson Level: How would a tournament be run in your neighborhood? Who would be involved?  Students will work as a whole class to create an opportunity for other students to participate in a tournament. The students will organize a tournament for the community for their last day of this unit. Keeping in mind there are many ways to run a tournament.
  13. 13. Day Ten  Lesson Level Question: How can an annual soccer tournament change the neighborhood comradery?  Today students will run the soccer tournament they created in the previous class.  This class will be extended to complete the tournament and to have a classroom discussion. Their observation assignment will be due. Students will then be assigned a paper to answer the Essential Questions.