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Pellucid radproducts

  1. 1. Pellucid Networks - Introduction•Privately held company with presence across Asia, headquartered in Singapore,development center in India•Healthcare Imaging technology with a focus on moving large diagnostic imagesswiftly and securely over unsecure internet for accurate remote diagnosis.•Awarded most promising technology startup in 2010 by Microsoft.•Proven technology and solutions with over 60 installations.•Backed by Mercatus Capital – Premier Angel Investment firm.•Capable management team with over 50 years of specialized DICOM (medicalimaging) expertise, building & managing technologies for UK’s public healthcareprogram – NHS (National healthcare Services)
  2. 2. Leadership • Ravindran Govindan Chairman & Mentor • Ravindran Padmanabhan Founder, Director of Products & Technology • Rajesh Sukumaran Co-founder & Director Business Development • R Alagaraja Imaging, Clinical Solutions, Research & Development • K Sakthivel Web Technology, Business Solutions, Research & Development
  3. 3. Domain Expertise Creating software / Hardware solutions for diagnostic equipments Medical Imaging Equipments (CT/MRI System Expertise) HIS/RIS integration Lab Device Integration DICOM, HIPAA & IHE Compliance testing and generation of compliance reports Ultrasound - Measurements & Reporting Sub System (GE Medical Systems) Ophthalmology – Fundus, OCT, HFA, etc. DICOM Conversion Tele-diagnosis X-ray/CR/CT/MR/Ultrasound Radiology/Ophthalmology Inter-Operability Modalities from various vendors Varied Clinical Workflow Applications Image Storage Network Archive Removable Media
  4. 4. Conventional Tele-Radiology System 100,000 USD
  5. 5. Conventional Tele-Radiology System 100,000 USD
  6. 6. Challenges Technology Skilled Manpower Complex & Expensive IT Acute Shortage of specialists Solutions in relation to speed of growth Heterogeneous IT Systems Shortage/Attrition of trained Legacy based evolution technicians Facility centric automation & solutions Technical reliability & service responsiveness Process Environmental Non-standard processes High doses of radiation Increasing workload leading Insufficient funding for to diminishing quality & training safety Inefficiency/Attitudinal issues Commoditizing , rather than using for consultative clinical services
  7. 7. Market Demand - Value Proposition•A secure platform to move Medical (Radiology, Ophthalmology, ultrasound) Images.•Integrates Hospitals, Imaging centers, Physicians, Radiologist, patients and insurance.•Access anywhere and even over slow internet connections. Public or Private Cloud
  8. 8. RadLive
  9. 9. RadLive – Introduction•RadLive is a complete clinical image distribution & reporting solution, it enablesRadiology departments of Geographically distributed Hospitals to work as one.•Radiologists can report from anywhere•General Physicians can access referred cases online ( Images, reports, videos)•Built to reduce cost, reduce turn around time and increase productivity.•Any number of hospitals, Radiologists, GPs and Patients can be connected.•Accessible on any Brower and over devices like iPAD, iPhone.•Integrates with existing PACS/RIS infrastructure (on request)
  10. 10. RadLive – Product CapabilitiesUnified Workflow•Orders from all Hospitals on one worklist -multiple log-ins, passwords and workstationsare eliminated.•Rules based workflow enablement - Route incoming images to multiple destinationsbased on criteria like modality type, study type, time.•Automatic routing.Secure, extensible, flexible•Multiple modality support CT,MRI,CR,MG,DR,NM•Complete high encryption using SSL/TSL in DICOM communication.•PACS,RIS work list integration (on request)•No need for servers, or special hardware.Enterprise management reporting tool•Analyze and report key radiology metrics.•Understand your volume trends by facility and by modality. Monitor radiologistproductivity•Capture and report timestamps, communication and order information—essential forcritical findings reporting.
  11. 11. RadLive – Product CapabilitiesPowerful DICOM viewer•Study Manager - Easy access to patient studies on web browser.•Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR)•Post processing, measurements and annotation tools, image processing functions likezoom, pan, rotate, brightness, contrast, window level, stack etc.,•Pixel intensity (Hounsfield) measurement, scott lines display, study/series linkingcomparison.•Query, import, send and receive DICOM images•Key images and videos.•Undo/redo.•DICOM print/Windows print.•CD/DVD writing.•Multi monitor supportWeb Based Viewer•Study list•Post processing functions.•Measurements
  12. 12. Salient Product featuresCloud based - Use technology, don’t worry about managing it•Deployable in secure data centers – Either in Private cloud or Public cloud.•Minimal installation - New centers or users can be online in minutes.•Data backups and Data security.•Application availability•24/7 supportFast•Driven by powerful and patent pending, unified information exchange protocol “Information OnRequest”•Highly secure, intelligent compression, Transmission optimization, distributed storage•Built to work on low bandwidth and mobile internet connections. Client: BroadBand ADSL Speed 512 Kbps 35 31.5 30 25 21 20 Pellucid Networks 15 Competitors 9.9 10 6.6 5.4 5 3.6 3.6 2.4 0 Raw DICOM Lossless Lossy-Good Lossy-fair Time Taken in Minutes
  13. 13. Salient Product featuresOn any Computer or Device Using web browsers and even on mobile devices such as iphones, ipads and Andriod.Cost effectiveZero capital investmentSubscription based, monthly rental.Use existing Hardware and network infrastructure
  14. 14. RadLive - Summary Unified workflow – Increase productivity by 50%,Increase turn around time by 40% Measure KPIs with Real-time BI Dashboards Available on any device and any computer Seamless integration with any 3rd party systems Works on low bandwidth (122kbps) • Order Entry Collaborative • Physician Access Treatment • Multimedia Reporting
  15. 15. Proven technology and solutions- Over 60 marquee healthcare facilities inAsia Pacific as customers.Solution built to scale by leveraging Cloud Computing- Over 1500 Livepatients images handled everyday and increasing.Compelling value proposition - Just use technology, don’t worry aboutmanaging it.Positive Market traction – Adoption for Nation wide Healthcare delivery forIndonesia, 100 Hospital group integration in India.
  16. 16. I-Ray – An innovation to bring healthcareto the rural masses•Digital x-ray machines allow the images to be transported over internet for remote diagnosis•A digital x-ray machine costs 40000 USD•This innovation enable drastically cuts cost and enables an analog x-ray machine to send images forremote diagnosis.•Cost of analog x-ray 10000 USD•Cost of i-ray 2000 USD•Total cost 12000 USD Nominee
  17. 17. Press and accolades
  18. 18. Questions?