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Attune technologies presentation


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Attune - Innovative Solution For Healthcare Information System

Published in: Technology
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Attune technologies presentation

  1. 1. Attune Health – Product PresentationTo provide innovative solutions to business problems byappropriate usage of technology
  2. 2. Salient Product FeaturesTruly Integrated •OP, IP, Pharmacy, Lab, Imaging and Other modules completely integrated. •Integrating not just modules, but even your branches and locations(sites). •Access to patients. •Supports Hub & Spoke, Hub & Hub ModelJust use the technology, don’t worry about managing it. •Deployed in Secure data Centre •24*7 technical support •Data backup and Data security •Application availability •Better response time to fix issuesPerformance •Runs on simple broad band connection •Requires very simple client PC’s •Designed to work with excellent response times
  3. 3. Product Capabilities Outpatient Front Desk In Patient ElectronicManagement Management Medical Record OP Billing Capture History Room Management IP Billing Capture Examination Admission Management Appointment Scheduling Order Investigation Discharge Management Capture Prescription(fromOrders for Labs & Scan Centers Operation Notes & Case Records Pharmacy Database) Cash Collection Capture Advice Surgery Management Cash Closure Plan for Next Review Date Integration with Pharmacy Integration with Lab(Diagnostic & Integration with Lab(Diagnostic & Cash Payment Imaging) Imaging)
  4. 4. Product Capabilities DiagnosticInventory Pharmacy Labs Purchase Orders Billing Billing Stock Management Stock Management Sample Tracking Smart Re-order Level Smart Re-Order Level Investigation Result CaptureTrack high value inventory Track high value inventory Report Publishing Track non-moving stock Track non-moving stock Device IntegrationMaster Data Management Master Data Management Master Data Management
  5. 5. Product Capabilities Imaging Administrative Patient Access Centers Module Billing Cash Management Scheduling Appointments Orders Generation Master Data Management View Case SheetsGenerate Work list to Modality Task Escalations Manage Patient Profile Capture template based Approvals Personal Medical Record Investigation Reports Track high value inventory MIS Reports Interact with Physician Master Data Management Dashboards Blogging
  6. 6. Attune Technologies Thank You! Company Confidential