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Learn how to make your donations go further!

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Bookforward intro

  1. 1. Who are we?Book Forward is a dedicated team that works with libraries or friends of libraries.We help libraries sell their donated items online.By selling online, it helps libraries raise a lot more funding than traditional library book sales.We handle the whole process of selling online, so there is minimal work on your side.We provide a very user-friendly tool to help libraries find valuable items.
  2. 2. What is the process?You find valuable items easily with our portable scanner. *You ship the scanned items to us with free shipping & free USPS pickup. *We manage the whole selling process.You can track the sales status of each item through our web site.You receive payment from us for the successful sales.(* For libraries in certain locations, we will come to scan and pickup the items on-site)
  3. 3. Zero up-front costThere is zero up-front cost and no expense from you.We pay for the shipping of items.We give you the portable scanner at no charge.Only when an item is sold successfully, then we charge a small commission and fee.
  4. 4. Simple Pricing Structure15% commission from the final selling price of the item.$0.75 fixed fee per item that is sold.For on-site scanning and pickup, there will be an additional $0.55 per item that is sold.Again the commission and fee only applies to items that are sold.For items that are unsold, there is no charge at all.
  5. 5. Rancho Bernado LibraryIn just 5 weeks, we sold 73 items for this library, andlibrary received $484 payment from us.
  6. 6. Rancho Bernado Library
  7. 7. A library in south Los AngelesIn 6 weeks, we sold 88 items for this library, andlibrary received $1033 payment from us.
  8. 8. A library in south Los Angeles
  9. 9. Book Forward Other CompanyNet return of sold 45 - 60% 8 - 15% price Only on sold Fixed fee Every item items
  10. 10. “I wanted to tell you how impressed the Friends of theRancho Bernardo Library are with you organizationAlmost all of the books have been in non-fictioncategories that in the past we either did not accept asdonations or did not sell at any of our sales.I anticipate a continuing relationship with BookForward.” Dick Luehring, President Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Branch Library
  11. 11. Thank You!