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Curiosity Design Research


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I am part of Curiosity, a design research collective based in the Philippines. We are dedicated to exploring how understanding people through the lens of anthropology, embodied cognition,business innovation, and artistic practice, can be used to design better futures.

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Curiosity Design Research

  1. 1. DESIGN BETTERFUTURESCuriosity is dedicated to exploringhow understanding people throughthe lens of anthropology, embodiedcognition, business innovation,and artistic practice, can be usedto design better futures.
  2. 2. Who we are Pamela Cajilig Business and Design Anthropology Organizational DevelopmentWe are a team that has Web and Mobile Communicationboth international andlocal experience workingwith and within a widerange of organizations,including: Birdie Salva Design and Innovation Management Product and Service Design- multinationals Marketing and Brand Management- social enterprises- non-profits- the academe Diego Maranan- the government, Information Architect Multimedia Technologies- international governing Embodied Interaction Research organizations. 
  3. 3. We intersect in four core beliefs We believe that empathy is at the heart of good design.
  4. 4. We intersect in four core beliefs We believe that good design empowers people to carry on with their everyday lives by being useful, sustainable, and culturally sensitive.
  5. 5. We intersect in four core beliefs We believe in the basic tenets of design thinking: that learning fast, learning early, learning often are key to turning human understanding into valuable designs.
  6. 6. We intersect in four core beliefs We believe that adopting a mindset of curiosity leadsto better listening, sharper explanations, and wider possibilities.
  7. 7. What we doWe work with a multidisciplinary network of designers, engineers, researchers, and specialists to perform the following services: Explore Create Facilitate Behavioral and New products, Trainings context insights services, or solutions. and WorkshopsUser segmentation Prototypes Co-creation sessions and analysis and user tests
  8. 8. ExploreCuriosity visits Hapinoy’s sari-sari store network to understand how themothers adapt inventory recording into their own context and tools.
  9. 9. ExploreA Japanese brand tasks Curiosity to map out the behavioral and culturalconcept of “Hiyang” to guide their marketing and communication strategies.
  10. 10. CreateWorking with industrial designers, Curiosity designs new tools for adetergent brand to create a better laundry experience for their customers.
  11. 11. CreateCuriosity collaborates with teachers and Roots of Health inco-designing a financial literacy program for Palawan’s communities.
  12. 12. FacilitateTogether with Co.Lab Xchange, Curiosity moderated a series of events togather support and to design a national conference for climate change.
  13. 13. FacilitateCuriosity trained organizations on frameworks to innovate in a morehuman-centric, prototype driven way through design thinking workshops. Netbooster Hapinoy Luxasia
  14. 14. Only the curious havesomething to