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To be ex


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To be ex

  2. 2. PRESENT TENSE BE• The verb BE has three forms: AM, IS, ARE, which we have to use according to the pronoun or subject. TO BE Occupations Nouns Adjectives Places
  3. 3. AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCESSubject Verb Form Example I AM I am a teacher. You ARE You are a student. He IS He is in the lab. She IS She is my sister. It IS It is a city. We ARE We are friends. They ARE They are doctors.
  4. 4. NEGATIVE SENTENCESYou can make negative sentences similar to the sentences before. The only difference is to add NOT after am, is, are, as you can see in the following chart. She is not sad They are not in the school
  5. 5. NEGATIVE SENTENCESI am not I`m notHe He`s not = He isn’tShe is not She’s not = She isn’tIt It’s not = It isn’tWe We’re not = We aren’tYou are not You’re not = You aren’tThey They’re not = They aren’t
  6. 6. YES / NO QUESTIONS• In English we have two kind of questions: Yes/No questions and Wh-questions.• The Yes / No Questions are called that because the answers always start with Yes or No• Remember to answer Yes/No questions, you have to pay attention to the subject.
  7. 7. YES / NO QUESTIONSAffirmative Statement: John and Peter are students.Yes / No question: Are John and Peter students?Short Answers: Yes, they are / No, they aren’tFull /Complete Yes, they are students. / No theyAnswers: are not students.Affirmative Statement: Mary is tall and thin.Yes / No question: Is Mary tall and thin?Short Answers: Yes, she is / No, she isn’tFull /Complete Yes, she is tall and thin. / No, sheAnswers: is not tall and thin
  8. 8. WH - QUESTIONS• The wh-questions look for information accoding to the question word.• In this kind of questions you never answer Yes or No, because they are asking for some information. The answer is a statement with the information according to the question word.
  9. 9. WH - QUESTIONSWh-word Information Example about…What Things What is this? It is a book. Name What is your name? Roberth. Occupations What do you do? I am a driver. Activities What is he doing? He’s workingWho People Who is the director of the school? Carlos Samaniego.Where Places Where is he? In the house.How State How are you? I am sad. Form / manner How is Loja? It is small.
  10. 10. REVIEW Negative Statement Yes/No Question Short Answers Statements Yes, you are / No, youI am a teacher. I am not a teacher. Am I a teacher? are not You are a You are not a Are you a student? Yes, I am / No, I am not student. student.He is in the lab. He is not in the lab. Is he in the lab? Yes, he is / No, he is not Yes, she is / No, she isShe is my sister. She is not my sister. Is she my sister? not It is a city. It is not a city. Is it a city? Yes, it is / No, it is not Yes, we are / No, we areWe are friends. We are not friends. Are we friends? not They are They are not Yes, they are / No they Are they doctors? doctors. doctors. are not