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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 8)


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No bars or clubs tonight. Destiny and Drake decide to stay home. Destiny orders pizza and Drake goes across the hall to meet one of the neighbors.

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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 8)

  1. 1. The Sims 3: Hamilton & Boyd (part 8)
  2. 2. Destiny has a terrible headache the next morning. Drinking, combined with staying out late and waking up early the next morning just doesn’t mix.
  3. 3. She manages to get dressed and ready for work on time. She even finishes breakfast with time to spare.
  4. 4. Destiny makes it to the first floor, just as the carpool is pulling up. She’s ready for her first day as Best Girl.
  5. 5. Drake is enjoying his bar, but the apartment is not quite ready for parties. He calls over a contractor to reface all of the cabinets, add new counters and to fix a few things in the bathroom.
  6. 6. Drake practices his bartending skills with fractured results.
  7. 7. He dreams of the day when people will be flocking to his bar for his award winning unique drink mixes.
  8. 8. Drake leaves for work. Today he is on time.
  9. 9. While Drake and Destiny are working, the contractor finishes up their kitchen. Now they are ready to entertain guests.
  10. 10. Even the contractor is proud of her work.
  11. 11. Destiny arrives home from work and is blown away by the new kitchen.
  12. 12. She cannot wait to invite a few celebrities over, but tonight she just wants to relax. She calls for pizza delivery.
  13. 13. “Drake have you met any friends here in Bridgeport yet?” “Yes, I’ve met a few people,” he lies.
  14. 14. He realizes that he doesn’t have anyone to hang out with here in town. The people who work with him at the bookstore are too geeky. He really needs a friend.
  15. 15. Maybe it’s time a meet a neighbor. Drake rings the doorbell to one of the apartments across the hall.
  16. 16. Emilio Morales answers the door. “Hey, you work at the bookstore don’t you? I’ve seen you there a few times.” Emilio says after Drake introduces himself. “Yeah, I’m there part-time.”
  17. 17. “Can you hook me up with your employee discount? There’s a few books I could use.”
  18. 18. “No… I don’t really get any discounts.” “Well can you do me just one favor? I’d be grateful if you can check to see if they have a particular book that I’ve been looking for.”
  19. 19. Drake thinks this conversation is a bit odd, but he’s willing to help. “Tell me the name of the book and I’ll check our inventory tomorrow.”
  20. 20. Destiny heads down the elevator to pay the pizza delivery guy.
  21. 21. “Thanks,” Destiny says taking the pizza. She is starving and more than ready to eat and relax at home.
  22. 22. Drake and Emilio are still chatting, “So do you enjoy anything else besides reading?”
  23. 23. “Yeah, I like action movies and stuff like that.”
  24. 24. Destiny has her pizza and can’t wait to chow down.
  25. 25. She opens the box and breathes in the hot cheesy aroma.
  26. 26. Destiny grabs the biggest greasiest slice; this is true culinary bliss.
  27. 27. “Are you a fan of the Bridgeport Lamas?” Emilio asks.
  28. 28. “Well, I’m pretty new to town so I haven’t really paid much attention to the sports teams here.”
  29. 29. “Well maybe we can catch a game or two.” Emilio suggests.
  30. 30. “Excuse me…” Drake says to Emilio before answering his ringing cell phone.
  31. 31. Drake is excited to accept an opportunity to increase his mixology skill and earn some money doing it.
  32. 32. Drake gathers all of the details while Emilio goes back into his apartment.
  33. 33. Full and happy, Destiny turns on the stereo and begins to dance. “The kitchen looks nice but the apartment walls look plain. I just don’t understand why you don’t like art, Destiny?”
  34. 34. “The same reason why I hate books. Art and books are usually created by overly sensitive, geeky jerks. They create high priced junk, and then get mad when you don’t get the supposed ‘meaning’ behind it.” Drake is amused by her reasoning.
  35. 35. He changes the subject. “So how was your first day in your new position? ”
  36. 36. “OK. I spent the whole day putting up with whiny directors and production assistants. I don’t know how long I can put up with their garbage.”
  37. 37. “So directors are whiny, artists and writers are overly emotional…what about actors?”
  38. 38. “Oh we’re absolutely perfect!” “I don’t know about that,” Drake slides over on the couch to get a better look, “but you in that skirt is what I call perfect,” Drake says staring at Destiny while she dances.
  39. 39. Destiny smiles. This is exactly why she has stayed in this relationship with Drake for so long – she thinks that Drake absolutely worships her.
  40. 40. The truth is… Drake thinks that Destiny is extraordinarily good looking, but her arrogance and faulty reasoning is very annoying at times.
  41. 41. Dancing has worn Destiny out.
  42. 42. She is finally going to bed at a decent hour…
  43. 43. …while Drake pours himself one last drink.