Sims 3 The Pratts (part 31)


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Spencer takes Chelsea to meet his father, Sam Pratt. Shortly afterward, the Pratt experiences the loss of their matriarch, who welcomes death like an old friend.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 31)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 31): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. Candy wakes up once again with the joys of being a grandmother on her mind. No matter how long she has left in her lifetime, she is happy that she has had the opportunity to become a grandmother; something Kianah never had the chance to experience.
  3. 3. Candy sits with Spencer asking about work. She is proud of his progress and how quickly he is moving up the ladder. She knows that her investments will be in good hands with Spencer managing everything.
  4. 4. Candy then enjoys an impromptu jam session with her girls.
  5. 5. Spencer stands by and watches the ladies in his life enjoy each other’s company and talents.
  6. 6. Spencer’s father Sam is getting older and Spencer wants to be sure that Sam gets a chance to meet his granddaughter, so he packs Chelsea up and takes a taxi to his father’s home.
  7. 7. Spencer is greeted by Nicky, now an adult, who he barely recognizes with the new hair and wardrobe.
  8. 8. “Is that my niece? Bro, she’s gorgeous!”
  9. 9. Sam walks over to Spencer and Chelsea with tears glimmering in his eyes. “You brought her! I wanted to meet my granddaughter so badly, but I knew Candy would have a fit if I stepped foot in her house. Thanks son!”
  10. 10. “How’s married life? I wanted you to know that I attended your wedding. I stood in the shadows so your mother wouldn’t see me, but I was there.”
  11. 11. Spencer is glad that his father was there to experience his big day with him. “I’m so glad to hear that dad.”
  12. 12. “Now I have some advice for you son, don’t mess up like I did. Take your vows seriously. I never stopped loving your mother, but I messed up too badly to go back to her.”
  13. 13. “It’s ok dad. We all make mistakes.”
  14. 14. Spencer spends a few more minutes with his father. Sam holds Chelsea with proud tears in his eyes. “She looks just like you son. You’ve done well.” Spencer eventually leaves for home.
  15. 15. As Spencer approaches the front door, his phone rings.
  16. 16. It’s Rena, “Spencer hurry home!” She says with urgency. “It’s Candy!” “I’m right outside the door,” he answers.
  17. 17. In the middle of playing her bass guitar, Candy begins to fade.
  18. 18. Her body becomes engulfed in a strange glow. At first she’s shocked, not knowing what is happening to her.
  19. 19. As she begins to crossover, she realizes exactly what’s going on and she smiles.
  20. 20. “No mom! No!” Gwen cries out. This is the first time Candy has heard Gwen refer to her as mother. Her heart goes out to her, but Candy continues to smile.
  21. 21. Next Candy’s spirit stares upon Rena and once again her heart goes out . Rena’s face shows a level of grief that Candy has been all too familiar with in her life.
  22. 22. Next, her eyes fall on death himself and she greets him like an old friend. “Are you ready?” He seems to whisper, though he has no lips.
  23. 23. Candy pauses briefly to contemplate death’s question.
  24. 24. Once again, she is aware of those around her. First, it’s Rena whose deep sobs pull at Candy’s heart strings…
  25. 25. …then there’s Gwen whose cries of, “Mom! Please don’t leave…please don’t take my mom,” penetrates what’s left of Candy’s soul and rests there in her fading heart…
  26. 26. …even Sarah fights to hold back tears…
  27. 27. …and finally there’s her Spencer who has stood by her through her mistakes, even when she placed him on the back burner and put work first…
  28. 28. …as her body continues to fade away and death holds out his hand for her to take…
  29. 29. …Candy is able to smile with confidence, because although she has loved and has lost love…with her family around her now, she knows that most importantly she was loved. She answers death’s question with a firm “yes”…
  30. 30. …and is gone.
  31. 31. The Pratt home erupts in sorrow and tears…
  32. 32. …but in the process of learning to heal, maybe they can build a bond that will last the rest of their lives.
  33. 33. Candy’s urn rests next to her bass guitar…
  34. 34. …and the remaining members of the Pratt family must learn how to live on with Candy alive only in their memories.