Sims 3 The Pratts (part 24)


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Candy is looking for fun, but discovers that the only way to find it is to create it for herself. The next day she continues to seek out the truth of her uncle Braydon's reappearance and Rena suddenly feels very sick.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 24)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 24): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. It’s time for Garret’s party to begin. Candy gets dressed and does her hair, only to be bitterly disappointed. Not only are the number of guests sparse, but no one else fully got the concept of this being a “formal” party.
  3. 3. Candy feels over dressed and out of place amongst the silver haired guests. Why did Garret invite so many old people? Candy was looking forward to really partying.
  4. 4. Candy goes upstairs and greets Garret, just to let him know that she stopped by. Then she makes up an excuse so that she can leave. Candy refuses to waste her bold look on such a drab party. There isn’t even any music.
  5. 5. Candy promptly walks back downstairs and out the door. There has to be a real party somewhere in this boring town.
  6. 6. Candy remembers Spencer telling her how nice the newly remodeled Le Petit Poolside Club is. She decides to head there, only to find a ghost town. At least there’s music here. Candy throws herself a one person party.
  7. 7. Candy quickly finds that when you enjoy being around yourself, you’re never alone.
  8. 8. She spends a few hours on the dance floor, dancing like no ones watching…party because no one else was there to watch.
  9. 9. At home, Spencer and Rena take advantage of the quiet house. They are both feeling very romantic.
  10. 10. The next morning, Candy is on a mission. She has never gotten to the bottom of the mystery of her uncle Braydon’s sudden reappearance in Sunset Valley. She heads back to the museum bar to track him down.
  11. 11. She enters the music room and finds that the mixologist has yet to arrive. She occupies herself on the bass guitar while she waits for the mixologist, which she hopes will be Braydon.
  12. 12. Rena wakes up feeling terrible. Her stomach is a turbine of queasiness.
  13. 13. Suddenly she feels her breakfast rising up…
  14. 14. …she runs to bathroom; making it just on time.
  15. 15. She stares in disbelief. Her sudden sickness can only mean one thing. In her youthful naivety she wonders if it’s possible to get pregnant so quickly.
  16. 16. Rena brushes her teeth, lost in thought, barely aware that she’s doing it. “Is it possible that I may be a mother?” She wonders in her mind.
  17. 17. Candy continues to play the bass guitar until she sees the mixologist arrive. She is very disappointed that it’s not her uncle. She walks over to the bar and sits down. “Do you know where Braydon Murphy is?” She asks the mixologist. “Who?” The mixologist asks. Candy realizes that Braydon may have been using an alias, “Um… the bar tender who used to work here…the older black guy.”
  18. 18. “Oh you mean Billy, he passed away a few days ago.” The mixologist reveals. Candy is speechless. She knew that Braydon had to be pretty old, but she didn’t realize that he was so close to death. He appeared so healthy. “Thanks,” she barely mumbles while stepping away from the bar.
  19. 19. Candy heads straight for the cemetery. She walks into the mausoleum and asks for a Billy. Only they had him listed under his real name, Braydon Murphy. “He’s buried with his family plots, just head straight out the door and to the right.” The cemetery clerk directs.
  20. 20. Candy walks over to the oh so familiar Murphy family plots; where her mother is buried and where she herself will someday be buried. She gazes upon Braydon’s headstone and cannot help bursting into tears.
  21. 21. She wipes away her tears. “Oh uncle Braydon. What happened in your life that forced you away from your family for so long?” She regrets that she was never able to get to the bottom of it. Some secrets are just made to die with the person who’s keeping them. It appears that his was one of them.
  22. 22. Candy stands for a few moments reading all of the Murphy family headstones; Savannah Murphy, Malcolm Murphy, Trenton Murphy, Jaden Murphy, Yasmin Murphy, Carmen Murphy -Weems and now Braydon Murphy…all here together again at last.