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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 12)


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Candy visits the Sunset Art Institute in an attempt to cheer herself up and scope out the new renovations as a possible location for a retirement party. While Spencer reluctantly invites over a classmate that Spencer feels is less than sincere about his motives.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 12)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 12): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. During her morning cleaning, Sarah realizes that she never got around to washing last night’s dinner dishes. She is very embarrassed about this mistake and must remind herself to apologize to Candy later.
  3. 3. Gwendolyn has to pull herself away from the piano when she hears the horn of the school bus.
  4. 4. Spencer joins her in walking towards the bus. Now that Gwendolyn is a teen, she and Spencer maintain a peaceful yet distant relationship. Neither is sure if they will ever have a real brother- sister bond.
  5. 5. Candy leaves work just before noon feeling out of sorts. There has to be something that will cheer her up today.
  6. 6. She hops in her car and decides to visit the Sunset Institute of Modern Art; one of the few places she’s never visited while living here in Sunset Valley.
  7. 7. The Art Institute has just added a musical performance room with a bar and mixologist. Candy would like to check it out as a possible location for a retirement party.
  8. 8. Candy walks up the stairs and is immediately impressed with the high level of art on display in the museum.
  9. 9. She checks out a globe made entirely from paper mâché and twigs.
  10. 10. Candy and another museum visitor discuss a few of the art pieces.
  11. 11. “I didn’t even come here to see the art,” Candy says, “I came to see the music room, but I’m impressed by the level of talent on display here.”
  12. 12. Candy ends her conversation and walks into the music room where there is a stage set up with a piano and a bass guitar. She walks up on stage to give the bass guitar a try. “I like this,” she says to herself after trying out a few notes.
  13. 13. Playing this bass guitar is the only thing that brightens Candy’s mood. “I’m going to have to buy one of these,” she thinks aloud. Candy just may have found a new love.
  14. 14. Next, Candy walks over to the bar. Because this is not a nightclub, the mixologist only serves one type of drink, The Spline Reticulator, so that she what she orders.
  15. 15. While Candy is ordering a drink at the bar, Gwendolyn and Spencer leave school for the day. Spencer’s classmate Lydell asks Spencer for help with his studies afterschool.
  16. 16. Spencer invites Lydell over, but with reluctance because not only is Lydell a trouble maker, but Spencer believes that Lydell has ulterior motives for wanting to visit the Pratt home. Gwendolyn is thrilled, because Lydell is the only kid in school that has shown any interest in getting to know her.
  17. 17. Spencer’s suspicion is confirmed when they get on the bus and Lydell sits next to Gwendolyn rather than coming to sit near him.
  18. 18. Spencer eyes Lydell with doubt. “I just don’t trust that kid,” he thinks to himself.
  19. 19. “I’ll be sure to keep my eye on him,” Spencer mumbles out of earshot of Lydell and Gwendolyn.
  20. 20. Gwendolyn on the other hand is not suspicious. She’s thrilled to finally have someone who’s interested in being her friend. So what if Lydell spends more time in the dean’s office than in class and hangs out with a bunch of misfits and outcasts. All she cares about is that he is giving her attention and just being next to him gives her funny feelings from her stomach all the way down to her toes. She likes him.