Sims 3 The Pratts (part 11)


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Candy Pratt wakes up from a nightmare feeling tired and older than she's ever felt. She's accomplished almost everything she's set out to do in her career. Is it finally time to retire? Is that the message her nightmare brings?

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 11)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 11): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. While the Pratt family sleeps, Sarah is up late into the night making sure the house is neat and tidy.
  3. 3. She sighs as she picks Spencer’s dirty clothes up off the floor. Sarah doesn’t understand why rich people feel the need to be overly messy, just because they have the money to pay someone else to clean.
  4. 4. She finally gets prepared for bed. She may complain internally, but she feels grateful to have the opportunity to work for a nice boss like Candy. She’s paid well and she gets to live rent free.
  5. 5. Candy’s sleep tonight is anything but peaceful. She dreams that she shows up to work as a 110 year-old woman. Her voice is weak and her frail body barely makes it up the stairs to her office. Her subordinates deride her and show no respect when dementia symptoms creep up on her during a meeting when she forgets what the meeting is about…
  6. 6. She enters her office and her desk is replaced by a hospital bed. She realizes that she’s a very sick woman – too sick to work, but her workaholism just won’t let her quit. She attempts to lie down in the hospital bed, but misses the edge and finds herself falling down…down…down…until…
  7. 7. …Candy violently jerks into consciousness right before she hits the ground. She wakes up feeling more tired than she did yesterday. Has she finally tapped out of the abundance of energy that she was born with?
  8. 8. Or is she just old? Is it finally time to retire? She’s completed her lifetime wish, she owns half of Sunset Valley. What else is there for her to do? What’s the purpose of her continuing to drag herself to the office day after day?
  9. 9. Candy looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles that lines her face like cracks in the sidewalk. She gazes upon her hair, where her gray is hidden underneath expensive dyes. She wrinkles her nose at her aged body and back that no longer stands straight and tall…
  10. 10. She turns away thinking of how her aging body, that she attempts to hide behind expensive fashion, still longs to be touched. She doesn’t believe that any man will ever desire her again.
  11. 11. Candy goes into the bathroom to brush her teeth, but she refuses to look at herself. Just the mere thought of what she’ll see brings tears to her eyes. Candy’s disgusted by the tears because she’s a strong woman and strong women don’t cry.
  12. 12. She manages to get dressed and proceeds to chastise herself mentally, “Pull yourself together Candy! You have some big decisions to make. You can’t make them with weakness in your heart.”
  13. 13. The rest of the house slowly awakens. Spencer goes out on the balcony to study for school. He is days away from graduating and becoming an adult.
  14. 14. Gwendolyn wakes up slightly cheerful because of the possibility of a new friendship. She cannot wait to get to computer lab at school to see Lydell, the only boy who has ever been friendly with her, once again.
  15. 15. Gwendolyn gets dressed quickly and hurries downstairs.
  16. 16. Living in a large house has it downfalls. Gwendolyn wonders how she could have missed the large grand piano sitting in the living room. When was it delivered; in the middle of the night?
  17. 17. The size of it alone would intimidate most people, but it’s ebony and ivory keys intrigue Gwendolyn and beacons her over.
  18. 18. She just has to try them out. She spreads her fingers and manages to pound out a few crude notes, but it feels as natural to her as a bird in the clouds.
  19. 19. Gwendolyn can imagine herself spending hours in this very spot.
  20. 20. Candy comes downstairs and is pleased to see that Gwendolyn is trying out the piano that she ordered weeks ago. She’s happy to see it finally delivered and set up right where she imagined it.
  21. 21. Candy sits at the dinning room table displeased and disgusted that last night’s dinner dishes are still on the table unwashed. She realizes that Sarah is new, so she’ll let it slide this time.
  22. 22. She gets into her carpool. Her mission today is to get everything in order at the office to prepare for a possible retirement.