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Mammals diego


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En la pantalla de inicio vemos el tílulo de la actividad y unos animales, al hacer click en cada animal, se abrirá el hipervínculo a una página con este animal.
En cada uno de los animales, se pueden leer las características, y hay otro hipervínculo para escuchar su sonido.
Después de la presentacion de animales, hay otro hipervínculo a un video sobre mamíferos, luego hay unas preguntas sobre los mamíferos

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Mammals diego

  1. 1. Mammals Have a click on each animal to learn
  2. 2. CowsCharacteristics of cows:Ability to produce milk.They are grazers (eat grass).They are large, often weighing aroundor over half a ton.They are cloven-hooved mammals. Go to main page
  3. 3. SheepCharacteristics of sheep:They provide sheepskin, wool and milk.Manicure lawns beautifully. Go to main page
  4. 4. TigersCharacteristicsThey have a tawny coat with transverse blackstripes.Their claws are very strong Go to main page
  5. 5. ElephantsCharacteristicsThe largest of all land animals,adult males weighing between 1,800 and 6,300kg Go to main page
  6. 6. MonkeysCharacteristicsThey have long tails.Most of them live in the forest Go to main page
  7. 7. CamelsCharacteristicsThey live in the desert.They have 2 humps.Camels could stay 30 days with no water Go to main page
  8. 8. Videoabout mammals Have a click on the video camera to see the video Go to main page
  9. 9. Cuestions about mammalsDo they have hair?Do they put eggs?The largest land animalIs a mammal?Is there any mammal thatcan fly?
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