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  1. 1. Barack Obama Re-electedas American President
  2. 2. Vocabulary:Defeated: conquer, win, beaten.Term : (in politics) period of time.Majority : more than a halfSwing states : Politically uncertain statesOutcome : election resultsIn office : checking votesCongratulate : to communicate pleasure, approvalVictory : triumphPoll : voting, electionsSpotlight : the focus of attentionRecount : count votes once againHispanics: Latin people who lives in US
  3. 3. Vocabulary:Reelection : elected for a second periodTough : hard, severed, strongIllegally : a person who does not lAlthough : despiteSupport : approveHold : keep supportPrimarily : before all elseRemains divide : keep in struggle, opposite beliefsDeal with : manage, handleRetained : keep possessingFederal debt : something that is owed to the stateSigns : advices, demonstrations
  4. 4. Barack Obama had defeated Republican Mitt Romney in theNovember 6, 2012 election to won a second term in office.The President had won in a majority of so-called swing states,like Ohio and Virginia. The outcome had given Barack Obamamore than 30 electoral votes more than had needed to stayin office.The Republicans were verydisappointed because they hadthought that the race wouldbe closer.When it became clear that Obamahad reached a total of over threehundred electoral votes, Romneyhad called the President tocongratulate him on his victory.
  5. 5. The election vote had turned out to be the closestin Florida where, even the following two days afterthe polls had closed; it hadn’t been clear who hadwon that state. The sunshine state had been in thespotlight during the 2000 election when a recounthas been stopped by the US Supreme Court andGeorge Bush had been announced President.
  6. 6. Hispanics had played an important part in Obama’s reelection,mostly because Romney had said that he would be very toughon those illegally in the country and had made them went backhome. Although Obama had lost some of his support amongyoung voters and Jews he had kept his hold on the African-Americanand female vote. On the other side Romney had been supportedprimarily by white middle and upper class voters as well as thosefrom the countryside.Although Barack Obama hadbeen reelected, the country’sPolitical system remained divided.The following four years the Presidenthad to deal with a split Congress.The democrats had kept their majorityin the Senate, while the Republicans had retained theHouse of Representatives.
  7. 7. One of the new President’s most urgent problems werethe budget and economic recovery of the nation as wellas federal debt, which was soaring. Those had beenamong Mitt Romney’s biggest issues during the electioncampaign. He had repeatedly claimed that he had beena businessman and had known how the economy whichhad been worked.
  8. 8. Unemployment had been rising high and the Americanshad also been hit by the debt crisis in Europe.But there were signs that the economy was moving upwards.In his victory speech after the following election Barack Obamahad promised the Americans that “the best was yet to come”.