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Armstrong Craven Search & Intelligence


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Armstrong Craven - Search & Intelligence - An Introduction to our services

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Armstrong Craven Search & Intelligence

  1. 1. Search & Intelligence
  2. 2. Locate, understand and recruit more of the right people
  3. 3. Search & Intelligence Armstrong Craven helps organisations attract global talent by providing Executive Search and Intelligence services that use the power of information to deliver business advantage. Our Executive Search services enable clients to identify, select and secure the best talent for senior management, professional and technical roles. Meanwhile, Intelligence services give them better understanding of their markets, allowing them to refine their strategic talent planning and make better-informed decisions. Whether we are helping you identify and recruit a new leadership team or benchmark your competition, we believe in delivering exactly what we promise. Attention to detail, outstanding research credentials, unrivalled market knowledge and our sheer enthusiasm for doing a great job have made us a leader in our field.That’s why Armstrong Craven is the intelligent choice.
  4. 4. Executive Search At Armstrong Craven, we know the best-fit candidate is not always immediately visible or currently on the market.That’s why we don’t restrict ourselves to looking in the obvious places. Our background in research gives us a huge advantage, enabling us to locate and engage individuals who might otherwise never have been considered. We are passionate about finding those candidates who are most appropriately experienced for the role and suited to the culture and expectations of the hiring organisation.What’s more, we won’t limit our search to one industry sector or a particular geographical area. Our clients expect no less, because when you’re hiring key talent, only the best will do. An intelligent approach Added-value information Our approach, based on proven research The research-based approach to Executive Search methodologies, ensures that individuals are gathers a wealth of market and candidate properly benchmarked against the market, information. Once the search is concluded, this delivering the highest quality shortlists – quickly information is shared with you, providing a rich and at considerable cost savings compared to seam of intelligence beyond the point of hire traditional search methods. and significantly reducing the cost of additional searches or multiple placements from a readily We won’t dictate a rigid process either.The total available talent pool. flexibility of our intelligence-gathering allows clients to determine the level of support they need.We can handle the entire process, including Complimentary solutions full candidate testing and assessment services, Armstrong Craven is part of Work Group, which or work seamlessly alongside your internal team provides a full range of support for employer to get the job done. brand communications, internal communications and recruitment process outsourcing. Working with Armstrong Craven allows you to support A team you can trust all your recruitment and retention needs, helping Our researchers have extensive experience across you find and keep the people you need for market sectors, internationally and across functions long-term business success. – from board-level to niche and technical specialist roles.When sensitive information is hard to obtain or people are difficult to reach, they will go the extra mile to get the best outcome for the client. Our track record for delivering high quality is outstanding, because our people are not just first-class, but committed to results.
  5. 5. Intelligence Genuinely-talented people are always in demand. Armstrong Craven provides Intelligence services that make it easier to find and attract the right people for your business, as well as providing context for a wide range of human resources decisions.Whether you intend to hire now or in future, understanding the market and available talent keeps you one step ahead of the competition in the race to secure the star performers. Our deep expertise in talent-related Intelligence allows us to identify and connect with sources of information and potential candidates far more effectively, even when seeking rare, elusive or premium talent. Benchmarking business Understand Our proven methodologies can equally be applied Many organisations struggle to recruit the right to market and people intelligence projects that people. More often than not, this is because they help solve key questions for business managers. are inadequately informed about the talent market. Revealing what best practice looks like in a Or, it may be due to misperceptions on the part particular industry, performing due diligence, of potential candidates. Engaging with individuals benchmarking against competitors, exploring in the talent pool, we develop a clear picture not diversity – when you need to know how to get only of their location, experience and compensation, maximum return on talent-related investment, but also of their motivations, aspirations and Armstrong Craven can provide insights that are requirements. As an employer, this intelligence unavailable elsewhere. gives you valuable insight into why really strong candidates might want to join your organisation and how to go about attracting them. Locate The secret of successful search is: knowing where Recruit to start looking. Armstrong Craven’s team of Now you have a better understanding of the experts will work with you to fully understand available talent, your recruitment and retention the skills, experience, personal qualities and strategies will be more effective.You have the behaviour that are essential for your business to ability to benchmark internal candidates against succeed.That understanding is used to create a the market.Your recruitment communications talent map as the basis for confidential networking will strike a chord with the highest calibre and bespoke research to identify people who fit candidates and Armstrong Craven can assist your ideal profile. you in securing them while the competition watches with envy.
  6. 6. Retain Of course, finding and hiring fresh talent are only the first steps in a long relationship between your company and a new employee.The next challenge is motivating and retaining those individuals, making sure they reach their full potential. We can help you protect your people investments, advising on succession planning, employee engagement and compensation benchmarking. Building profitable relationships At Armstrong Craven, we deliver detailed intelligence about the best talent – including available and passive candidates –whether local, national or international. Our transparent approach makes all the information we gather available to you, so you can continue to gain value from it at no extra cost. Many of our clients choose to use our database as the starting point for a new talent bank, which becomes a powerful tool for creating proactive talent management and recruitment initiatives, with associated cost savings over time. We offer completely flexible intelligence services, allowing clients to define the scope of support they need. Our highly-skilled researchers are experts in delivering often complex research projects, enabling better business decisions based on facts rather than guesswork.
  7. 7. Why Armstrong Craven? Armstrong Craven provides more than Our industry leadership is down to candidates; it provides detailed intelligence our passionate attention to detail and to produce better resourcing outcomes. commitment to understanding the Our research-led approach benchmarks client’s needs. candidates – whether internal or external, active or passive – against the market, The flexibility of our pricing and delivery ensuring the highest quality talent pipelines models means we can tailor our offerings and shortlists. to support all or any part of the client’s Search and Intelligence requirements. This flexibility facilitates a quicker and Our experience and scope – sector and more cost effective service compared to functional expertise, global reach, delivery traditional search providers. track record and ability to obtain sensitive data – allow us to outperform other providers in Search and provide unrivalled access to Being part of Work Group allows us to offer Intelligence about the talent market. comprehensive support for recruitment and retention, including full candidate assessment, employer branding, internal communications We deliver what we promise and more. and recruitment process outsourcing. Clients own all the data we gather during an Intelligence or Search project, giving them ongoing value from the talent pool beyond the point of hire.
  8. 8. If you would like to know more about the intelligence of Armstrong Craven please call 0161 493 1700 or email Armstrong Craven are part of Work Group plc.