The Poop Theory


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The poop theory in human life. 98% of the people live in poop let me explain.

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The Poop Theory

  1. The PooP Theory
  2. Did you know
  3. Of the whole world population.
  4. live in a piece of poop? Let me explain!
  5. Meet Hi! guys Birdy the bird
  6. Birdy is escaping from
  7. Tom the cat grrrrr…….
  8. = He Wants to have Birdy for dinner
  9. They both live in
  10. Tom is chasing Birdy in order to get safe Birdy hides into
  11. A BIG piece of COW POOP
  12. Hello again guys! It is me Birthy!
  13. wow… Yes, I am really into a big piece of POOP
  14. it is Dark in here………. and it smells like crap……
  15. but but
  16. at least here is
  17. at least here is
  18. I dont have to go to move for Food. Tnere are enough seeds in here to eat
  19. I dont have to go to move for Food. Tnere are enough seeds in here to eat
  20. I am
  21. I am
  22. and most important I feel SAFE!
  23. And so BIRDY stayed there, get used to the smell and the darkness.
  24. Eating his POOP seeds HOME SWEET POOP He makes his Warm, Comfortable, and Safe POOP his own home
  25. From Tom the cat
  26. From not finding food SAFE!
  27. From freezing
  28. YUPi!!!!!! HURAY!!!!!!
  29. well…
  30. I mean you are in fact living inside a piece of Cow poop!
  31. I mean you are in fact living inside a piece of Cow poop!
  32. I mean you are in fact living inside a piece of Cow poop!
  33. Are you kidding with me?!!!!!! Is that what you spected for your life!!! Live in poop??
  34. Where are your
  35. your
  36. Where is your DIGNITY?
  37. Birdy says: Well actually I always dreamed…
  38. to eat in all kind of fresh seed fields
  39. to travel around the world
  40. to find real love
  41. But the problem is I am AFRAID!!!
  42. Afraid from loosing my poop seeds
  43. Afraid from loosing my safety , my security.
  44. mmm… damn it. Breath….. 1 2 3
  45. I´m not going to be afraid any more.
  46. I ´m not going to have reasons to regret.
  47. I ´m not going to quit to my freedom my happines my dreams , because o fear.
  48. I ´m not going to stand in the dark, I ´m going to see the day of light.
  49. I ´m not going to live in a piece of POOP anymore.
  50. I can beat Tom! After all I can be faster I can be smarter I can be more experienced I can be more persistent
  51. After all…
  52. I am Birdy
  53. It is all in my hands!!!(…I mean wings)
  54. And wich is your POOP?
  55. of falling down
  56. Because we have forgotten that we
  57. Can Stand UP again
  58. And get better in every try
  59. I repeat:get in every try
  60. And that is how we learn
  61. Because we dont have Faith in ourselves
  62. Because Fear blind our eyes Because We blind our eyes ourselves
  63. WE THINK we can not not defeat Tom but…
  64. we Know that in fact Yes we can.
  65. And then… Your weight? Then… wich is your cat and wich your POOP?
  66. Get out of that POOP
  67. There is
  68. so much
  69. more
  70. Thanks! ;-) In loving memory of Tom the cat, who was beated by a little bird. If you liked it please vote Down here Because maybe I dont win but I will try harder next time!
  71. The images in this presentation belong to this amazing artists thank you very much. Vinicius from Circus Beija-Flor -- CARF The boys and the fishes --- Ahmed Zahid The litte girl with the hand in her mouth ---- Fano_Quiriego The cat ---- Rory Wallwork The seed camp ---Katarina Baby--- sean dreilinger