eChops Final Presentation


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TeamUI's Presentation for eChops on Venture Lab

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eChops Final Presentation

  2. 2.  Has there ever being a time when you were seriously hungry but stuck with work, lectures or racing against a deadline?  Now you have an ingenious and easy-to-use solution at your fingertips…. introducing….eChops...chops on the fly
  3. 3. Please meet eChops…. eChops Nigeria’s first online food portal. Imagine ordering for your food from the comfort of your room, office and have it delivered to you in no time… Now that’s possible in Nigeria via eChops… eChops...chops on the fly
  4. 4. About eChops…• eChops is a web based application, fully optimized for an enjoyable mobile user experience. It is a platform for food vendors to meet their prospective clients.• So, it’s that easy…view and place your order…and we deliver. That’s the eChops way. View your favorite restaurants…then order for a token. eChops...chops on the fly
  5. 5. The Team..the eChoppers• The eChops team constitutes of a team of six budding student entrepreneurs all of the University of Ibadan with disciplines ranging from Electrical & Electronic Engineering to Computer Science.• Olukoya Didunoluwa, the team lead is an undergraduate of Electrical & Electronic Engineering who has a knack for software technologies designed to make life easier. Skilled in Enterprise Technologies Framework,Software Development Lifecycle and a host of other software technologies.• Olatoye Olabode on the other hand is a startup enthusiast cum entrepreneur with competencies in Business Process Development , Sytems Analysis and Marketing. eChops...chops on the fly
  6. 6.  Oladipo Oluwaseyi, also a Google Ambassador an undergraduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, a philanthropist and loves fast and powerful cars, Osho Ajetunmobi, is a startup enthusiast and an aspiring project manager. Adepoju Abiodun, who is a Google Ambassador, also a technology evangelist, a digital and social media strategist amongst many other roles. Last but definitely not the least, we have Ijagbone ‘iDJANGOne’ Itua, the programmer-cum-entrepreneur of the team. His nickname arises from his technical proficiency in the Django framework, Python, Java, and not to mention Android programming also. eChops...chops on the fly
  7. 7. Business Model• Given the population and response from our research we were able to come up with the following business model.• The Subscription plus Usage Revenue Model is the business model of choice for eChops.• Here, fast food vendors subscribe to be placed on the platform so as to be able receive orders from potential clients via eChops, and the clients(individuals), pay a certain token(a percentage of total cost designed to encourage user to buy more but with a maximum cap of 500Naira). eChops...chops on the fly
  8. 8. Sales and Marketing Strategy• Coincidentally, all team members are Google Online Ads Certified Professionals, so an intricate and well reaching online campaign would be run as soon as we launch out.• The first 50 Food vendors to get on the platform would not get to pay subscription fees for 6 months.• First clients to use the app would get to use it at exclusive discounts. eChops...chops on the fly
  9. 9. Partners and Allies• A very important partner in this is the logistics company handling the delivery as we came to understand that this(deliveries) is a whole new line of business and we would rather concentrate on making the whole experience an enjoyable one so we are presently having talks with logistics companies to strike a very good long term deal.• Another ally is the Tablet OEM Manufacturer, talks have gone on as to how we can partner. eChops...chops on the fly
  10. 10. Funding• This is a virgin market in Nigeria and for that singular reason, we want to get it right from the onset. The eChops budget has been seriously planned and slim-fitted to cut out excesses.• Start out Funding would be partly bootstrapped while the rest of it would come from other sources such as funding from venture capitalists, corporate investors and so on. eChops...chops on the fly