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Prioritized Reading List | concept application


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With our inbound information pipeline overflowing with tidbits, articles everyday; it is not surprise that "read later" apps are the new rage. Apps like Instapaper and Pocket promote parking content till a "convenient time". But we also know deep inside that there will be no such time on the horizon. If we don't have time now it is going to be equally hard to find time in the near future.

This application tries to address this issue.

By looking at your reading preferences, reading preferences of others it tries to prioritize your reading list maintained at instapaper or pocket.

At it's heart it is an user <> user similarity engine with a twist. Since everyone bookmarks are varied it makes no sense to find similarity by looking at the bookmarked URL alone. Hence we decided to use alchemyapi to determine the taxonomy classification of a bookmarked URL and then use the taxonomy data to find the taxonomies one may be interested in reading about.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Prioritized Reading List | concept application

  1. 1. Pop Quiz What's the ONE thing we have plenty of? What's the one thing we are universally short of?
  2. 2. Content Sources Promise to make it easy But we never have enough time
  3. 3. SOLUTION
  4. 4. Continue using Read Later app as usually do Recommendation Engine Recommended Reading List Analyses your reading list, taxonomy, compares it with preferences & other users reading habits to recommend Get Unread List Get Taxonomy Other User Preferences
  6. 6. LOGIN TELL US MORE URL’s You Like 1. 2. 3. Insta Login Via Email ID Insta RSS URL 1 2 3 4 WHAT DO WE PRIORTIZE FOR U YOUR PRIORTIZED LIST