OECI accreditation and designation newsletter volume 5


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The newsletter and update from the OECI accreditation and designation team

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OECI accreditation and designation newsletter volume 5

  1. 1. OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5, December 2010 Content Newsletter - From the Chairwoman - Experiences of a cancer centre: OECI peer review visit in The Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital - Chairman of an audit team: Chris Harrison’s experiences - Merging of the OECI Accreditation and Designation Programme - OECI’s participation on the 27th ISQua Annual Conference in Paris - Claudio Lombardo’s 24th Anniversary with the OECI - Progress of Centres in the programme - Events and activitiesOECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 1
  2. 2. EDITORIAL From the chairwomanEditorial groupJean-Benoit Burrion Dear OECI Members, Dear Colleagues,Marco PierottiUlrik Ringborg The last weeks have been very fruitful for theMahasti Saghatchian OECI Accreditation and Designation Group, sinceHenk Hummel they have brought us new perspectives and openings for the future of our activity.Accreditation and Designation BoardMahasti Saghatchian In October, we had the opportunity to take partChair in the ESMOs annual conference where theDominique de Valeriola OECI was very actively present through theRenée Otter OECIs booth next to all our other EuropeanWim van Harten cancer societies.Accreditation and Designation management But for the first time, we had the opportunity tounit hold a joint ESMO/OECI workshop that was co-Henk Hummel organised by our two organisations.Executive managerFemke Boomsma Professor David Kerr, ESMO President, co-Accreditation/Designation coordinator chaired this workshop with myself and offeredCécile Tableau us with a very proactive and, as always, brilliantSecretariat participation.Contact information The workshop was very successful and a lot ofFor information, suggestions or any our European colleagues from many areas,questions, please contact: various countries, and various types of institutions as well as some patientsAccreditation/Designation representatives even from the United StatesFemke Boomsma took part in this workshop.Tel: +31 88 2345502E-mail: f.boomsma@ikno.nl Once again, it appeared clearly that a programme aimed at standardizing andNewsletter harmonising the care provided to cancerSubscribe/unsubscribe patients around Europe is a critical needCécile Tableau expressed both by the professionals and theTel: + 33 1 42 11 61 59 patients.Email: cecile.tableau@igr.fr Designation is still an area of intensive andWebsite sometimes emotional discussions as it is may behttp://oeci.selfassessment.nu viewed as an initiative to distinguish the elite,www.oeci.eu whereas it is in fact an attempt to better describe the various cancer services that are available in our countries and allow to better understand the specific needs, requirements or difficulties for each type of institutions. Moreover, we took the opportunity of the Milan conference for a brainstorming meeting with ESMOs representatives in order to prepare some common activities around Accreditation with ESMOs certification programme and more largely between the OECI and ESMO which are two organisations with very similar objectives OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 2
  3. 3. for the cancer community but different the right decisions concerning all the centres inapproaches that can be mutually very helpful. the programme. I wish to thank Chris for his faithful support to our group and all the members that will be helping him in this activity. Finally, this year is ending with very good news for the Accreditation / Designation Group: as you may know, we have been participating in the EurocanPlatform 7th Framework Programme proposal with a work package and have been informed by Prof. Ulrik Ringborg, who is coordinating this project, that the project has been accepted by the European Commission. As of January 2011, this programme will beThe ESMOs conference was followed by the launched and I will be pleased to give you moreISQuas conference in Paris, where all the information about our participation in the nextprofessionals working in the field of quality newsletter.control and accreditation meet. A special sessionwas dedicated to Accreditation and quality Until then, I wish you lots of light and success forinitiatives in the field of cancer and we the end of this Year.presented the OECIs Accreditation andDesignation Programme which triggered a lot of On behalf of the Accreditation/Designationinterest from participants. Group, Best wishes,It appears clearly that duplication of similarinitiatives or the growing number of Dr. Mahasti Saghatchianaccreditation programmes is a threat for themedical community that will not be able to fulfillall the procedures required by those Experiences of a cancer centre:programmes. Our efforts should be aimed to the OECI peer review visit in Thedevelopment of joint initiatives that will avoid Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoniparticipation in too many different programmes, van Leeuwenhoek hospital (Octoberand allow our quality programme to have asmuch impact as possible on the quality of life 2010)and care of the patients in the most efficientway. It’s always exciting when your organization is being turned upside down and inside outIn the meanwhile, the Management unit is of because of an accreditation visit. Thecourse still working hard in order to get more preparation demands a thorough self-and more centres participating in the assessment and in this phase various items forprogramme and during the last weeks we could improvement can already be detected andfinalize the accreditation of Porto, Coimbra, actually improved as input for further activities.Valencia and Manchester. When an audit team speaks to numerous people in your organization during the review visit andLast but not least, our group is now working looks into all kinds of departments to form anwith a brand new committee: The Accreditation opinion about procedures and activities, it isCommittee. This committee is chaired by Prof. rewarding to see that items are working wellChris Harrison and he is in charge of following all and stimulating to hear of possible weak spots.the activities linked to the accreditation process Most workers want to be proud of theirin the cancer centres from their application to organization, and we really want others tothe report. This committee will play a very acknowledge our strengths too. Thus it wascentral role in reviewing all documents and good to hear that the audit team that visited us th thproviding the Accreditation Board with the on October 19 and 20 did recognize ournecessary support in order to allow us to take strong points but also identified our OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 3
  4. 4. improvement points, now brought to our is the same. Visiting and reviewing anotherattention again by these objective auditors. organisation is an enormous privilege andAlthough the accreditation visit asked a lot of responsibility. There is mutual benefit in beingour organization in terms of planning, preparing visited by people from outside and in visitingdocuments and fitting all activities in an other centres.appropriate schedule, the participants and theBoard of Directors thought it was worth it; My role as chair was particularly exciting. Tryingparticipants enjoyed informing the audit team to take an overview of the institution andabout their department and all the work that is provide fair but helpful feedback is a challengebeing done. The audit team could appreciate and a real opportunity to learn. I wouldthis and the results of the visit were very thoroughly recommend both the excellentpositive. We are now looking forward to the auditor training course and participating infinal report that will help us to further improve audits as a way of making a contribution toon our road to excellence in care, services and improved cancer care and developing one’s ownresearch. experience.Wim van Harten, Director NKI-AVL in Finally my thanks to the auditor team andAmsterdam, The Netherlands and particularly Femke for making things go asPresident Elect OECI smoothly as they did.Eva Euser, Quality advisor NKI-AVL andaccreditation coordinator Chris Harrison, Medical Director, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, UKChairman of an audit team: ChrisHarrison’s experiences OECI’s participation on the 27th ISQua Annual International Conference in Paris,Whilst I know my own cancer centre really well I October 10th-13th.was slightly apprehensive about chairing theaudit visit to another of Europe’s best known Two members of the OECI Accreditationand prestigious organisations. However there programme had the opportunity to promote thewas no need to worry. With the help and programme during the conference in Paris.support of a great team of auditors and the Mahasti Saghatchian, chairwoman of the groupguidance of Femke and the rest of the OECI was invited as speaker in an internationalteam all the arrangements fell easily in to place. workshop (Quality improvement and control inWe had prepared well beforehand and had a Cancer services) with speakers from Australia,good idea of those standards that we wanted to Denmark and the Netherlands.explore in more detail at the visit. By dividingthe work up we spread the workload between The OECI Accreditation Coordinator, Femkeus and allowed each member of the team to Boomsma, was speaker in an Internationalplay an important role. We were received very session with speakers from Ireland, Iran,warmly by everybody at the NKI and I can truly England and Canada. She presented the OECIssay that whilst the days (and nights) of the visit designation schedule for cancer instituteswere packed full of activities, visits, discussions complemented with the OECI Accreditationand debates about whether standards had been programme for increasing quality in cancer care.met it was a thoroughly enjoyable andworthwhile experience. You can find both presentations on our website: oeci.selfassessment.nuSome years ago I organised a peer reviewvisiting programme to over 40 healthcare About ISQuaorganisations treating cancer patients in the In 1985, a group of health professionalsnorth west of England. Whilst this process was gathered in Udine, Northern Italy to discuss themainly aimed at benefitting the organisations assurance of quality of medicine. Many of thebeing reviewed one of the main outcomes was original group had been deeply influenced bythe education and understanding of the auditors Avedis Donabedian. Since 1986 the Society hasthemselves. My experience of the OECI process OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 4
  5. 5. grown through the Annual International that has been developed through a pilot projectConference Programme and Journal. Each year (2009-2010). The developed instrument makes itthe conference is held in a different city in the possible to categorize four types of cancerworld in association with governments and institutes and to offer a specialized accreditationother key organizations. The Society is a non- programme for each kind of designation type:profit, independent organisation, managed byan Executive Board which is elected every twoyears. Current Board members are from NorthAmerican, European and Asia/Pacific regions.Vision &Mission:Driving continual improvement in the qualityand safety of healthcare worldwide througheducation, research, collaboration and thedissemination of evidence-based knowledge. The basis for the specialized accreditation programme are the current OECI Quality Standards. The ‘clinical cancer centres’ and ‘Comprehensives Cancer Centres’ will be assessed during the peer review visit according to the full set of standards. For the ‘cancer units’ the OECI Accreditation/Designation Groups is working on a selected set of standards from the existing standards that should be achievable by this designation type. The current standards are not yet applicable for centres that are designated as ‘cancer research centre’. Special standards for cancer research centres will be developed.ISQuas annual international conferencesprovide a stimulating must attend annual The difference between accreditation andforum with exchange of information and designation is that the first is that accreditationupdates on practice and policy development. is based on qualitative standards, whileDelegates include national health policy leaders designation is based on quantitative criteria. Theand decision-makers, researchers, healthcare two programmes complement each otherprofessionals in all disciplines, administrators, because the designation type is input for theclinical organisations, standards and kind of accreditation programme and theaccreditation organisations, health care net- designation type will be examined during theworks, providers and consumer organisations. peer review site visit for accreditation.Henk Hummel, OECI Accreditation How does it work?Programme Executive Manager When an institute is applying to the programme it judges itself as one of the four designationMerging of the OECI Accreditation and types. After the application is approved, theDesignation Programme: One effort, two institute provides the quantitative data neededbenefits for the designation. The result of the designation type in compare with the ownFrom September 2010 onwards, the OECI judgement of the institute will be discussed with the institute during the explanatory visit, as wellaccreditation programme will be offered as a as the proceeding of the programme. Thejoint programme together with the designation institute starts the self assessment forproject. accreditation as the agreed designation type.In June 2010 the OECI Board and GeneralAssembly approved the designation instrument OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 5
  6. 6. For more information please visit the suggested to the OECI to launch a networkaccreditation/designation website. among a selected number of European Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the format of a European Economic Interest Grouping. TheClaudio Lombardo’s 24th Anniversary with new Grouping, generated by the OECI, wasthe OECI established in Brussels the following year, giving the origin to the LINC, the Liaison Network for th ndOn June 17 in Budapest, the 32 OECI General Cancer. LINC, which should be considered as theAssembly, kindly organized by the local National ancestor of the European cancer platformInstitute of Oncology, took place. It was my 24 th recently recognized by the EC as a network ofanniversary as OECI Delegate of the National excellence, become soon after the New OECI, aInstitute for Cancer Research of Genoa but the Grouping actually comprising 73 members.first experience in my new role of OECI Liaison After 24 years of voluntary collaboration I canOfficer and Secretariat Coordinator, a task definitively state that the balance is positivewhich the Organization assigned to me on July even if I believe it is time to deeply invest in st1 2009. young generations and new ideas. The OECIWhen I started my commitment with the OECI I Accreditation and Designation action is anwas already an experienced investigator but the example of the initiatives to be promoted. Thisyoungest OECI Delegate, moving from the lab to action will certainly contribute to stress thethe management of the Scientific Secretariat need to build a concrete comprehensiveness inand International Affairs Department of my the approach to cancer care so to guarantee toInstitute. patients a complete and guided support duringAt that time, the General Assembly was just the the hard path of the disease.yearly meeting point of outstanding Directors of The care of a complex disease must beCCCs, an encounter still unable to define organized in structures where a community ofcommon strategies and to implement programs experts works with harmony humanity and,for the only one existing network of European when needed, controlled hardiness. TheseCCCs. structures are represented by the CCCs where the translation of research results to care must be guaranteed by the specifically designed OECI Accreditation System. I hope to have the honor to continue to serve the Organization with the staff of 5 young officers working actually in the Coordinating Secretariat and Liaison Office. Claudio Lombardo, IST – National Institute for Cancer Research – Genoa, Italy Special Assistant to the OECI President Head OECI Liaison Office and Coordinating SecretariatIn 2010, the Board assigned to me the editing of Progress of Centres in the programmethe first OECI General Report, a book realized incollaboration with the Board itself and with the In the self assessment period:Working Groups’ Chairpersons. The book - HUCH Helsinki, Finlandcontains a chapter related to the OECI history in - Vilnius University, Lithuaniaorder to remember to the early generations and - Institute Jules Bordet Brussels,to learn a lesson from the past before to planthe future. Belgium In the past 24 years I’ve been committed in theOrganization with different roles, participatingto the Program Committee, being co-optedmember of the Board and chairperson of theEducation and Training Working Group. In 1999 I OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 6
  7. 7. Recently finished the self assessment Events and activities 2010/2011period: Nov 11-12 Booth during the OECI - IPO Lisbon, Portugal International symposium ‘Trends and Developments inDraft report received for comments and in Survivorship Care’ infeedback: Amsterdam, The Netherlands - The NCI-AVL Amsterdam, The Nov 12-13 OECI-ESO Course - Biobanking Netherlands (19/20 October) for Cancer Research: Rules and Roles in Bari, ItalyFinal report approved: Nov 18-20 Supported by the OECI: - IVO Valencia, Spain Excellence in Oncology; - The Christie Manchester, United cutting edge findings in Kingdom clinical practice, Athens, GreeceWriting improvement plan: March 7-9 1st EACR-OECI Joint training - IPO Porto, Portugal - IPO Coimbra, Portugal Course: Molecular pathology approach to cancer,Planning explanatory visit: Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Institute Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, June 17th OECI Scientific Conference – France Organisation of CCCs: - King’s Health Partners Integrated innovation and development Cancer Centre, London, UK of personalized cancer medicine, AmsterdamOther applied centre: June 18th OECI General Assembly and - Rikshospitalet University Hospital Working Groups Reports, Oslo, Norway Amsterdam - UZ Brussels, Belgium (postponed) How to apply to the Accreditation Programme? When your centre is interested in the OECI Accreditation, please contact the OECI Accreditation Coordinator at any time or go to oeci.selfassessment.nu and fill in the ‘Expression of interest form’. Designation The OECI Accreditation and Designation Group wishes you a warm and joyful Christmas And lots of success in 2011 OECI Accreditation and Designation Newsletter Vol. 5 December 2010 Website: oeci.selfassessment.nu 7