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Score with content marketing + social media: "Play bigger than you are"


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This presentation describes in 7 simple steps how to use content marketing and social media to "play bigger than you are" in your competitive space.

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Score with content marketing + social media: "Play bigger than you are"

  1. 1. Score with content marke/ng and social media Leverage your exper/se, the web and social media to ‘play bigger than you are!’ Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/
  2. 2. ‘Playing bigger’ Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Like athletes who give up height or speed or strength to an opponent, businesses can use strategies to ‘play bigger’ in their compe//ve spaces • By embodying the truth in today’s world that everyone is a publisher and any person or organiza/on can establish itself as a thought leader • By engaging customers and turning them into ambassadors for your brand • By leveraging a combina/on of content marke/ng + social media
  3. 3. What does that mean? Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ Obviously, Starbucks is the “bigger” brand here. But on their Facebook presence alone, how different does the global brand look from Community Coffee? A 92-year-old, family-owned coffee company out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with 30 coffee house locaIons and a very acIve social relaIonship with their customer (fan) base!
  4. 4. Here’s how to ‘play bigger than you are’ with content marke/ng & social media, in 7 simple steps: Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/
  5. 5. #1 Take stock Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Consider your exper/se (keeping in mind your en/re staff) • Do an audit of your exis/ng content assets (case studies, reports, ar/cles) • Now, how might you leverage these resources more fully by repurposing using different formats and promo/ng via more and different channels? • i.e., blog, webinars, a podcast, even by securing a speaking engagement, perhaps on a panel or workshop at an upcoming trade show
  6. 6. #2 Claim your spot Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Even if you’re not ready to deploy your content strategy, set up all your social media accounts • Claim the names (i.e., @yourbrand on TwiCer, etc.) and do the basic account setup • Start gathering or planning art files: your logo, as well as cover/banner graphics and other suppor/ve images • The appropriate channels for you will vary depending on your industry but generally, and for now, the ‘big 3’ might be considered TwiCer, LinkedIn and Facebook
  7. 7. #3 Calendar Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Commit to crea/ng and pos/ng content on a regular basis • Think about industry trends and ques/ons your customers or prospects frequently ask • Then, begin crea/ng a list of topics – including repurposing of any exis/ng materials you have that might be refashioned effec/vely as blog ar/cles, press releases, reports for external distribu/on, etc. • Begin reshaping your list into a calendar, taking into considera/on your sales cycle, other seasonal issues, etc.
  8. 8. #4 Find the influencers Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Conduct research to iden/fy influencers opera/ng in your subject area online (one good tool is BuzzSumo) • Add them to the list of people you wish to be Following on TwiCer • Pay aCen/on to their posts, Retweet and Comment so you’re taking an ac/ve part in the community and the conversa/on • You will learn and uncover countless resources while you nurture awareness for your own brand and influencer status Influencers: Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, posi<on, or rela<onship [businessdic/]
  9. 9. #5 Curate Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Use all the resources at your disposal to curate relevant, valuable informa/on (trade magazines, business publica/ons, industry blogs, list servs, enewsleCers, etc.) • Share those golden nuggets via a Resource Center on your website, through commentary on your own blog and posts on your social accounts, par/cularly on TwiCer • Be sure to use a link shortener such as or or a social media management plaiorm such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck that performs that func/on automa/cally to avoid sharing overly long URLs
  10. 10. #6 Be precise: Words maCer! Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Do keyword research to understand specifically how people use online search and social tools to go about finding answers to key ques/ons in your field • Free keyword research tools include those from SpyFu and SEMRush • Google’s Keyword Planner is the most widely known and probably used, but you must set up a Google AdWords account to access it • Then, use these keywords and keyword phrases in planning and crea/ng your content • Incorporate them into alt tags on any images you use (which will make these findable by search engines as well) • Use them with hashtags in your Tweets to make your posts findable beyond your exis/ng followership • In the example at right, the link I’ve shared and called out with the # mark will be seen by my fol- lowers but also anyone who uses TwiCer as a news and research tool and searches #contentmarke/ng
  11. 11. #7 Be your own source Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • Consider whether you have an opportunity to collect and present original research that would be useful to others and compelling to local or trade press • Publicity – or “earned” media – amplifies your reach and your credibility
  12. 12. One more criteria… Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ • This one’s a bit of an intangible • Believe in yourself and your teammates (colleagues, in the organiza/onal world) – and exude that belief through your ac/ons and tone • Get ready, play BIG!
  13. 13. Didi Yunginger @LuminComm hCp://lumincommunica/ Thank you! About Didi Yunginger With 25+ years in wri/ng and marke/ng, Didi has carefully honed the skills to build successful content marke/ng + social media campaigns. Those skills include researching, planning and organizing, wri/ng/edi/ng, in addi/on to up-to-the-minute knowledge and experience with digital and social media strategy. About Lumin Communica4ons, LLC Lumin specializes in content marke/ng – fresh, search-op/mized website copy, regular blog ar/cles on /mely and relevant topics, white papers/case studies/reports that posi/on your organiza/on as a leader, etc. – and social media services for small- to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits to help them clarify and amplify their messages to enhance both reach and impact.