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Eranea : global presentation of solution


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The brochure presents the solution of Eranea to convert Cobol 100% automatically to Java and html-ajax.

It highlights benefits: massive savings, huge modernization.

It emphaiszes the distinctive features of the method: riskless migration via iso-functionality, further evolution of geneated code thanks to readability and maintainability

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Eranea : global presentation of solution

  1. 1. The future of your legacy
  2. 2. eranea fosters the smooth migration of your mission- critical applications towards Java, Web 2.0 and SOA u C onvert automatically your legacy programs (Cobol,...) to maintainableu avings: S Java source code. massive cuts in the costs u I mplement a runtime environment reproducing exactly all the legacy of your operations. batch and transactional functions (CICS®, SQL, …).u odernization: M u Rely on a set of Java products optimizing the migration process and functional and technolo– then the daily operations. gical improvements on your applications.u ethodology: M migration process without risks and constraints, maintaining continuity of service.u erenniality: P protection of your invest- ments and existing business competences.u tandards: S target hardware and soft– ware platform matches current market standards. “ The solutionCIOs: massive cost cuts and moderni- priorities of of eranea is the best answer to the zation of IT systems ” The migration solution of eranea It is supported by a set of Java relies on: products allowing efficient migra- u T he 100% automatic conversion tion and subsequent operations: of original programs to maintai- u T ool to analyze and manage nable Java source code. software assets. u he guarantee of fully identical T u Continuous integration system functions in the converted all along entire chain, from applications. automated transcoding to de- u T he continuity of maintenance of ployment on application servers. original system without interrup- u M odule for creation and mana- tion during migration project. gement of automatic execution u T he absence of big bang, thanks of non-regression tests. to cohabitation of new and old u C omplete environment for effi- system. cient pre- and post-migration u T he progressiveness of migra- development. tion thanks to sharing of same u M onitoring tool for real-time database. supervision of migrated u T he tailoring of project execution applications. to your needs.
  3. 3. Massive reductions in operations costs Migration towards an open and Significant cost cuts are already u Cost cuts in millions standard platform brings cost achieved over the first months of of USD/EUR per year cuts up to 90% when compared migration by progressive stop of to a mainframe. legacy subsystems. u Return on investment extremely quick Resulting recurring savings often The migration towards Linux/x86 amount to millions of USD/EUR servers produces savings related u SOA architecture and per year. to both core supplier and third integration to BPM parties. Most often, achieved savings u Private or public cloud finance the project and then support provide an extremely quick return on investment. technological and architectural modernization of applications The transcoder of eranea ensures a web service for each legacy a fully identical conversion of your transaction or process. applications to Java from a func- The integration of a suite for tional standpoint. Business Process Management The character-based interface can then be achieved rapidly. screens are mutated to identical The move toward a J2EE-com- web-based pages, eliminating pliant application server becomes training needs for end-users. natural. The Java source code and web- The solution of eranea allows based screens can be taken over you to host your applications in by your teams for further functio- a private or public cloud. nal innovation. To suit a SOA architecture, the transcoder of eranea can generate
  4. 4. Human and organizational impacts eranea fosters an incremental and updated with the last changes u Migration methodology smooth migration method elimina- on Cobol source code. without big-bang ting needs for big-bang. Non-regression test tools conti- The new system is able to run in nuously validate the coherency u Continuity of application maintenance parallel with the existing one by between the old and the new sharing the same database. system. u Intrinsic absence of risks The migration happens without The pace of migration for indivi- u Perenniality of your blocking maintenance of the dual end users can be freely business competences legacy application. defined. u Adhesion of your developers The Java programs are conti- nuously and automatically Protection of investments and business competences The solution of eranea protects the numerous men-years invested in the development of your applications. The transcoder of eranea preserves the functions in your applications, but also coding syntax and algo- rithms. The intelligence included in your original application code is trans- ported to Java programs ensuring the perenniality of your business know-how. The identical structures ensure the adhesion of your developers. They perceive the continuity of their role. After migration, maintenance can be pursued either in Cobol or in Java.
  5. 5. Key decision points and distinctive factors u C ost cuts amount to millions on IS budget u QUICK AND MASSIVE COST CUTS Savings and ROI visible after only a couple of months of migration thanks to progressive stop of historical subsystems. u No big-bang Reductions up to 90% for hardware and software costs. u Multiple project referencesu Innovation and optimization u Migration via small steps without risks No big-bang ! u Complete and integrated solution Natural cohabitation between old and new system over the course of migration. Migration of end user happens smoothly at best suited pace, in small reversible steps and without bumps. u Multiple references exist: administration, media, finance, software vendors u The new technological context extend the life of the application Java allows significant further technological and functional improvements. It brings new development philosophy and methodology. x86/linux infrastructure is currently the optimal choice among all possible Java platforms. A private or public cloud can host the migrated application. u A complete family of tools by eranea composed of: w A Cobol to Java transcoder. w A centralized tool to deploy in multiple environments. w A runtime framework handling transactions, batches and stored w A suite of tools dedicated to procedures. validation tests. w A tool to manage software assets w S ervices to monitor operations. (inventory, cross references, w A centralized administration. source indexing, etc.). w A modern and integrated develop- w A continuous integration system ment environment. to automate recurring activities (transcoding, compilation, ...).
  6. 6. Conception and design: - Photos by: Fotolia, iStockphoto. eranea S.A. chemin de Mornex, 2 Case postale 598 CH-1001 Lausanne (Switzerland) About eranea S.A. eranea is a supplier of solutions and services for riskless migrations and for modernization of business applications. eranea delivers tools and services with significant added value, and helps companies with large investments in business applications to move their IS forward. Those customers can then reduce their costs while optimizing functions and service levels. “All the trademarks mentioned in this document are the sole properties of their respective owners.“