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Todos tem o que todos precisam


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In October 1st, 2011, I saw a presentation of Ricardo Diniz in TEDxEdges, 5 days later Steve Jobs passed away and his speech at Stanford University became very popular. Both spoke about Connecting the Dots. I have been doing it for all my life so when I received the Call for Speakers email from Ignite Portugal I felt I should go and tell my story, my ongoing story of how everything in my life has a meaning and a use.

This is also about the power of using and consulting our own networks.

I feel we really need more and more people believing themselves and doing these things, cooking their own story!

A special thank you to Rui Aires for his help.

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Todos tem o que todos precisam

  1. 1. todos têm o que todos precisam everyone has what everyone needs Porto, 23 Nov 2011
  2. 2. SSérgio Dionisio Ricardo Diniz – portuguese solo sailor
  3. 3. Steve Jobs – Apple, Pixar Animation
  4. 4. the dots
  5. 5. call for speakers
  6. 6. Todos nós pagamos por tudo o que usamosO sistema é antigo e não poupa ninguémSomos todos escravos do que precisamosReduz as necessidades se queres passar bemQue a dependência é uma bestaQue dá cabo do desejoA liberdade é uma malucaQue sabe quanto vale um beijo Jorge Palma
  7. 7. my (_______) life intimate personal social professional
  8. 8. ?put my experience and passions...
  9. 9. work
  10. 10. ask your familly
  11. 11. ask your network
  12. 12. a call to action!!!
  13. 13. nothings safe
  14. 14. its (almost!) for free
  15. 15. no excuses
  16. 16. this is my story cook your own
  17. 17. OBRIGADO!!! Rodrigo Viterbo Oliveiradidgetc