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What is the meaing of greeting ?


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What is the meaing of greeting ?

  1. 1. Greetings Directed by : Ragdh Ahmad Al-dbyani ID : 06120086
  2. 2. Introduction : This activity is about how we can greet people in different real life situation. Also what is the suitable greeting in every situation. This activity is useful for English learner in general to improve their abilities in communication to the people .
  3. 3. When the students learn how they can greet people they would show the respect to them and as a reaction to the people, they would get warmness environment.
  4. 4. Greeting can be defined as word or gesture of welcome or salutation or, the act or an instance of welcoming or saluting on meeting.
  5. 5. There are different kinds of greeting such are :  Every day greetings  Special greetings  Shaking hands  Formal and informal greetings
  6. 6. Every day greetings including such are : Good morning
  7. 7. Good after noon GoodAfternoon.ram
  8. 8. Good evening
  9. 9. Good bye
  10. 10. Good night
  12. 12. GOOD LUCK
  14. 14. GET WELL SOON
  15. 15. Shaking Hands When we meeting someone formally for the first time, we shake their hand and say "How do you do?" or "Pleased to meet you.“ "How do you do?" isn't really a question, it just means "Hello".
  16. 16. When young people meet informally they sometimes say "Give me five!" and slap their hands together (high five). Generally we do not shake hands with people we know well.
  17. 17. Formal greetings We do it with the people when we met them for the first time, and also with the strangers.
  18. 18. Examples of formal greetings Possible responsesPossible Greetings •What a pleasant surprise! How are you? It's been a while. Hello, Mrs Hand. It's nice to see you again. I'm very well thank you. And you? Good morning Mrs Hand. How are you today? Thank you. It's nice to see you too. How are you? Good afternoon, Mrs Hand. It's good to see you.
  19. 19. Informal greetings We used informal greetings for greeting the people which we knew them already, and also our close friends.
  20. 20. Examples in informal greetings Possible responsesPossible Greetings Fine thanks. What's new with you? Hello Lynne. How are you doing? Not too bad, busy as ever.Hi, Lynne! How's it going? Oh fine. You know how it is.Hi, Lynne. How are things?
  21. 21. ACTIVITY Watch the video then mention the greetings forms used and identify this terms whether it is formal and informal? Used this forms to make conversation in the class