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The learning loop


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Published in: Education, Business
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The learning loop

  2. 2. The problem with learning• We want students to THINK• Thinking is HARD• In order to perform complex tasks we use memory• Students need to learn and practice how to thinkSo…
  3. 3. THE LEARNING LOOP observing learning feedback independence success & failure team work Growth Mindsets PLTS self assessment reflection
  5. 5. PLTS Self assessment
  6. 6. Growth mindsets• embrace challenges• persist in the face of setbacks• see effort as the path to mastery• learn from criticism• find lessons & inspiration in the success of others
  7. 7. TEAMWORK• Critical Skills• Belbin team roles test• Leadership
  8. 8. INDEPENDENCE• Freedom to fail• No rules!• Problem solving• Walking off the escalator• Teacher in role• “Pay” for questions
  9. 9. Observing Learning• Skills and dispositions• What does good look like, sound line, what do you have to be like to achieve it• Avoid interpretation• Student observers (learning spies)
  10. 10. FEEDBACK• Formative assessment• Quality learning conversations• Having/making the time• Non judgmental – allow students to interpret their own behaviour• Students feedback to each other
  11. 11. SUCCESS & FAILURE• Pitching• Winning & losing• What does it feel like?• Process over product• How do others view me?• What’s the point of learning?
  12. 12. REFLECTION• Thinking time• Revisiting PLTS self assessment• Reviewing progress• Describing how skills have been used• Setting targets for next challenge
  13. 13. PCSA scheme of learning1. Introduction2. Impossible challenge (murder mystery)3. Advertising challenge4. Aeroplane challenge5. Music promotion challenge6. Ultimate challenge (presenting to year group)
  14. 14. Further