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Reading skills ladder


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A taxonomy of English specific reading skills

Published in: Education

Reading skills ladder

  1. 1. IDENTIFYEXPLAINEXPLOREANALYSEEVALUATEREADINGSKILLSLADDERGiving your opinion about a text and using aquotation to support your view.I think… because it says, “quotation”Explain how and why the quotationsupports your opinion .This shows…. because….Offering an alternative explanation; sayingwhat else the quotation might tell us. Usetentative words like could or mightIt could also mean…. because…ZOOM IN on individual words or phrases tosay how and why they are effective.The word ‘…’ is effective because…ZOOM OUT to show you have an idea whatthe writer’s intentions might have beenThe writer may have done this because…