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Afl packs by Sian Carter


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Resource created by @siancarter1 English Lead Practioner at The Mountbatten School.

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Afl packs by Sian Carter

  1. 1. • Mini whiteboard pens (and wipes ideally) for writing on the laminated vote! cards and exit tickets.• Highlighters can be used for lots of great things. In an AFL sense, I use them for highlighted peer marking. E.g. Use one colour to highlight strengths and another colour to target areas for improvement.• Post – its used for all sorts – exit cards, opinion polls, peer feedback etc.
  2. 2. Simplified success criteria – kept verysimple. Used as a learning mat whencompleting reading/writing/S+L tasks.It is used as a basic guide – kept simple soall abilities can access it. Used for peerand self assessment and serves as a visualchecklist for students when completingtheir work.N.B. Used as a stepping stone toassessment criteria not as a replacement!
  3. 3. Readily available in AFL packs for students touse if they want to ‘Tweet the Teacher’.Students use these to ask teacher questionsabout their learning or as a response to mymarking in their book.Space provided for teacher to ‘tweet’ back toencourage student/teacher dialogue.
  4. 4. Used as a reference tool for definitions oflanguage features and all things grammarrelated.Great for encouraging independent learning.Always readily available to students to helpwith the “Three beforeme”/”Brain, book, buddy, boss” ethos.
  5. 5. Used in classroom discussions, as plenaries and inmultiple choice quizzes.Lots of possibilities, Y/N, T/F, multiple choice, showinglevels/grades when peer assessing etc.A quick easy way to see class progress/understanding.
  6. 6. Used in class discussion as a ‘supporting talk’strategy.Students must listen to comments made andbuild on those comments by ‘complimenting’them or offer an opposing view/idea by‘challenging’ what they have heard.Encourages active listening and a debatewhere ideas are built on rather than 30different ideas being shared separately.
  7. 7. Students reflect on their learning, the LOs or aquestion of your choice and write it on the laminatedexit ticket.Ticket has velcro on it so that it can then be stuck tothe ‘EXIT TICKET WALL’ (or in my case pillars!).Take a photo to record student responses.
  8. 8. SUCCESS A range of paragraph lengths. CRITERIA A range of descriptiveA range of punctuation. language devices. E.g.! ? ; - … “” . ‘ () Alliteration Power of Three A range of sentence Rhetorical Question structures: Simile Complex Metaphor Compound Personification Simple Onomatopoeia Repetition Powerful, interesting Have you included all of this vocabulary. in your writing?
  9. 9. ComplimentChallenge
  10. 10. Vote!Vote!
  11. 11. Exit TicketName:Reflection: Exit Ticket Name: Reflection:
  12. 12. Student Feedback @reflectivestudent 5 m 10m MB Teacher @teacherreplyStudent Feedback @reflectivestudent 5 m 10m MB Teacher @teacherreply