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Create a lively community for your organization. Dicole Community Platform 
is a web based digital working environment and social network. The service is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) and can be modified to various needs ranging from internal to external collaboration and communication. The service is designed to be easy to use and efficient to implement.

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Dicole Community Platform - Product Sheet

  1. 1. Community Platform Lively online community at your organization
  2. 2. COMMUNICATION PARADIGM SHIFT BEFORE: LINEAR WORK NOW: NON-LINEAR CREATIVE WORK We try to predict beforehand, We improve the conditions for people to find who should be connected to whom. each other in order to solve emerging challenges. Messages go from one person to another. Work areas and messages form between us. Tasks are defined beforehand. Tasks are coordinated based the context. 1 ! Service request 2 Coordination 3 Customer visit ... ! 4 Diagnosis 5 Solution ... 6 Reporting
  3. 3. • Dicole Community Platform is a web based digital working environment and social network. The service is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) and can be modified to various needs ranging from internal to external collaboration and communication. • The service is designed to be easy to use and efficient to implement.
  4. 4. Dicole Community Platform Public Front page for front page User logged-in users registration Account login / Facebook login Summary Groups Media & Conversations Events People Objects Event Page Profiles Open Restricted • Summary of latest updates • Facebook • Twitter • Facebook • RSS feeds • Twitter • LinkedIn • Video streams • Twitter • Conversations • Conversations • RSS feeds • Wiki • Wiki • Presentations and • Skype • Events • Material materials • Personal website • Material • Managing content • Pre- and post-event • People through an API surveys • Invitations
  5. 5. Groups and Work Areas Ability to form (work)areas including the following tools: Summary Conversations Wiki Media Events People + user management, access rights, administration, invitations and statistics Following updates Summary Tools Stay up to date through email Each group has a summary page notifications and RSS feeds of latest updates. Feeds (RSS regarding each work area and and Atom) can be used to feed in each tool. content from external services.
  6. 6. Group Tools in More Detail SUMMARY CONVERSATIONS Discussion threads based on topics and Customizable summary page of latest keywords. Ability to include attachments and updates regarding your community. tag posts. Commenting and rating. Open API for using external publishing tools such as mobile and desktop blogging apps. WIKI PEOPLE Collaborative document editing (wiki style). Social network including user profiles. Ability to include attachments and tags. Connects to social media services such as Commenting and annotation. Version history Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn. Describe and printing. yourself with keywords and link to others. EVENTS MEDIA Organizing open and restricted events. Chat, Presentations, images, videos and embedded live streams and virtual conferencing. Show widgets. Electronic paper for Powerpoint, published material from other tools based on Word, Excel and PDF documents. a specific keyword.
  7. 7. Access Restrictions to Work Areas Group work areas may be: Open Require Membership Visible to any user without Any user of the system logging in. Also open for may voluntarily join the casual visitors. work area. Closed Hidden Requires an invitation. Is Only visible to those visible on the work who belong to the work area. area listings.
  8. 8. Working Together CONVERSATIONS WIKI EVENTS Collaborative works Individual points of view PEOPLE MEDIA Network Rich objects Community platform is a solution for having a social intranet, involving stakeholders in collaboration and creating customer communities.
  9. 9. Real-time Window to Group Activities Follow on desktop or lobby screens: • Latest updates. • Hot conversations. • External feeds (such as Twitter). • Most active users.
  10. 10. VIRTUAL MEETINGS AND LIVE STREAMS ADOBE CONNECT USTREAM.TV YOUR OWN SOLUTION Integrate live meetings and video. ? Virtual meetings: • Chat discussion. • Webcam discussion. • Presentations, voting and notes. Live stream: • Streaming online video from your event.
  11. 11. Usage Statistics • User activity. • Changes, comments and new productions. • Browse statistics based on tools and work areas. • Compare how users relatively perform.
  12. 12. Links to Other Online Services Add content available on Documents and Youtube or Slideshare videos are embedded Embeddable widgets on the browser Feed content to other services Integrate Dicole API App
  14. 14. CASE: HÄME OPEN CAMPUS On February 2010 Dicole won a competition for designing the regional innovation network for the Häme region.
  15. 15. CASE: REAL-TIME ECONOMY COMMUNITY On October 2008 Dicole won the Business & Commerce category of the World Summit Award Finland competition. Real-time economy community connects public sector, private sector, education and individual stakeholders for advancing digitalization of business processes.
  16. 16. CASE: TEKESIN TORI Online community for the building and construction industry. Increases transparency between funded programs. Over 100 signal sessions organized around Finland.
  17. 17. CASE: TIVIT AMFI Work areas for the Finnish Strategic Research Agendas for advancing the ICT-sector.
  18. 18. PACKAGE
  19. 19. PACKAGE ‣ Dicole Community Platform as SaaS (Software as a Service). Service is backed up daily and physically hosted at our certified & secure location in Helsinki. ‣ Your own domain address. Directing your own or *.dicole.net address. ‣ Customer specific layout based on graphical guidelines and logos. ‣ Billing based on number of users. ‣ Unlimited number of public or private areas. ‣ Unlimited storage for documents and side material. ‣ User interface available in finnish, swedish and english. ‣ Support for customer contact person through email or phone. ‣ Afternoon training session face to face or online for customer admins. ‣ Manual for users and administrators. ‣ Only for internal customer specific use, not for resale or partners without a separate agreement.
  20. 20. Dicole Ltd. – Contact Us for Details. Fredrikinkatu 61 A, 8th floor +358 9 2316 4424 Po.box 955 sales@dicole.com FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland www.dicole.com dicole Working digital communities and strategies