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How Age-Friendly is the Apple Watch - case study


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How well suited is the Apple Watch for customers of all ages? (Particularly the older ones). We apply the AF Brands audit tool to evaluate the Age-Friendliness of the Apple Watch customer journey.

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How Age-Friendly is the Apple Watch - case study

  1. 1. How Age-Friendly is the Apple Watch? An audit using the free AF Brands app June 2016  © Age-Friendly 2016
  2. 2. Apple is shy about discussing details of its customers but it is thought that the over 55s represent near half of its customer base. The Apple Watch is the company’s most recent major new product. First shipped in April 2015 it is the largest selling smartwatch on the market. Using the free AF Brand app we evaluated the quality of the customer experience when purchasing this product. The research was completed in the UK and Singapore. Here are the results …....  © Age-Friendly 2016
  3. 3. This analysis was done using the free AF Brand app downloaded from iTunes An overall score of 4.1 is good. It is something most companies would be proud to achieve. A perfect score is 5.0. When we evaluated the customer journey for buying the Apple iPad the company achieve a score of 4.4 - the highest we have ever recorded. The reason for the drop in score is due to inherent problems of using such a small physical product and in communicating its value to the customer. The iPad was an obvious ‘winner’ for older customers – it will be difficult to create such an outstanding customer experience for the Apple Watch. SUMMARY RESULTS AVERAGE SCORE 4.1 Customer Experiences  © Age-Friendly 2016
  4. 4. Apple’s pre and post sales support staff provide an excellent service.. They are responsive to the needs of the customer and react well with older consumers. Things that worked well  © Age-Friendly 2016
  5. 5. Apple’s web site works well with older people. The navigation is ultra simple, distraction is kept to a minimum and the content is easy to understand. Things that worked well  © Age-Friendly 2016
  6. 6. The largest Apple watch is 42mm high yet it displays 17 apps that can be used by somebody with reasonable eyesight and finger dexterity (and a lot of practice). If the Apple watch is to have a mass market of older consumers it will need to improve the app selection and manipulation process. Things to improve  © Age-Friendly 2016
  7. 7. The user interface is not intuitive. To use the watch’s functionality demands a level of commitment that will limit its market potential with older consumers to the Apple enthusiast. Things to improve  © Age-Friendly 2016
  8. 8. The primary issues that Apple needs to solve all relate to the product. All other parts of the customer experience are excellent. If the watch is to have a mass market with older customers the designers will have to confront the effects of ageing, primarily those relating to eyesight, dexterity, touch and cognitive complexity. The solution is likely to involve making it easier for users to customize the watch’s functionality. The bottom line ….this version of the watch is for the Apple enthusiast.. ….I will probably only ever use a small amount of the functionality... ….the packaging, support, web site and communications are excellent...  © Age-Friendly 2016
  9. 9. About the AF Brands Tool  © Age-Friendly 2016 The free version of the AF Brands iPad app evaluates a customer journey through the prism of ageing. The customer journey includes the touchpoints associated with the sales channel, the product, all aspects of digital communicaCons, markeCng communicaCons and post sale support. Click to watch the introductory video: Visit our website to learn more about the app: Go to the iTunes download page:
  10. 10. The book that inspired the software - Marketing to the Ageing Consumer Contact us:  © Age-Friendly 2016