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Welcome to brss spring 2010 grad


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Welcome to brss spring 2010 grad

  1. 1. Christine Gormont Senior System Manager
  2. 2. BRSS Supervisors  Senior System Manager  Christine Gormont  Junior System Manager  Austin Mifsud  Undergraduate Supervisors  Shant Demirjian
  3. 3. What is BRSS?  A supervisory system in Dr Malott’s Behavior Analysis Training System  We oversee all of the continuous quality improvement completed throughout the systems  We supervise UG Honors Theses and Grad R&D Projects
  4. 4. Within System Roles  2nd year 1st year  Have them help you run the system  Assign tasks to undergraduates  1st year Undergraduate students  Assign tasks to undergraduates (4 per week)  Revise undergraduate theses  Check tasks before BRSS supervisor checks them
  5. 5. BRSS Requirements  Attendance at weekly meetings (3-3:50)  Complete 4 hours of system work  Revisions of undergraduate theses  Computer Workshop (required first 2 weeks then optional for rest of semester)  BRSS CD
  6. 6. Deadlines  All tasks are due by BRSS on Friday (3pm)  Revisions for undergraduate writing assignments will be due at midnight on Tuesday (CC Austin)  Next weeks tasks must be assigned to undergrad by end of BRSS meeting (proof on TVF)
  7. 7. Things we cannot count as tasks  Anything that is not relevant to the system  NO EMAILS!
  8. 8. Proof of Tasks  Meeting Notes  Updating of materials  Grades/Graphs  Data Collection
  9. 9. Grading  Based on  Attendance  System Tasks (4 hours)  Revisions of UG writing assignments  Computer Workshop (if applicable)  Professionalism  Conflict resolution  Email policy  Being prepared for meetings
  10. 10. Other Policies…  Make-up tasks  After one week points CAN NOT be made up  In other words you must turn in your make-up tasks in the BRSS meeting following your absence  The current weeks BRSS tasks  The tasks that were not completed  PLUS…..two additional tasks  If a class is cancelled…Tasks are still due and should be e-mailed to the BRSS supervisor  Room Assignments will be e-mailed to you
  11. 11. Project Information  You will be required to perform systems tasks your entire 1st and 2nd year  If you find a relevant disconnect in your system you may fix it and write your R&D paper on it.  If you are just maintaining your system, you may choose to do your R&D paper on your OBM or Autism project  This is our new BRSS project swap program  You will be supervising an Honors UG during your 2nd year on 1 of the 3 projects of your choosing
  12. 12. Traditional R&D Project  Supervise a UG your 1st year  Fix a relevant disconnect within your system  Examples of relevant disconnects include…..  Non-relevant disconnects include  Write your R&D paper with a focus on your system & complete a ppt  You must still complete an Autism Project/Poster  You must still complete an OBM project paper & possibly a ppt.
  13. 13. Non-Traditional R&D Project  Choose to write your R&D paper and do a ppt on the OBM project or Autism project  You will still be required to supervise an UG for one of these projects  If you choose Autism project, you will do a ppt, paper, and poster. You will still write a small paper for both your System fixes and the OBM project-possible ppt for OBM  If you choose the OBM project, you will do ppt and paper. You will still do an Autism poster and small paper for system fixes
  14. 14. Everyone show proof of meeting with undergrads!