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Stella's Surrender


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By Katrina Rourke

Published in: Education
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Stella's Surrender

  1. 1. Final Fiesta Katie Rourke
  2. 2. PLAIN REINFORCEMENT Before No treat Behavior Stella falls down/ surrenders After Treat
  3. 3. Video of plain reinforcement
  4. 4. Shaping with reinforcement Before No treat Initial: Standing Intermediate: Sitting Terminal: Falls down/ surrenders Initial: n/a Intermediate: Standing Terminal: Sitting After Treat After No treat EXTINCTION REINFORCEMENT
  5. 5. Video of shaping
  6. 6. Deprivation and motivating operation Before No treat Motivating Operation Stella has not eaten breakfast yet Behavior Falls down/ surrenders After Treat
  7. 7. Differential reinforcement procedure Before No treat Behavior Falls down/ surrenders Behavior Licks, walks/ stands, or barks After Treat After No treat REINFORCEMENT EXTINCTION
  8. 8. DISCRIMINATION TRAINING Before No treat Sd Command w/ fake guns Sdelta No command Behavior Falls down/ surrenders After Treat After No treat
  9. 9. Video of discrimination training/differential reinforcement
  10. 10. Physical prompt