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Squidward's Contingencies


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By Taylor Vaughn

Published in: Education
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Squidward's Contingencies

  1. 1. Are You Ready Kids to Learn About the Contingencies of Squidward and his Clarinet Taylor Vaughn Final Fiesta Fall 2017
  2. 2. Squidward has a undying love for his clarinet. Which is weird by the way ←-----------That weird -------------->
  3. 3. In the beginning, Squidward didn't make a sound on his clarinet, but with music being a reinforcer, he puts his mouth on the mouthpiece, blows air while pressing the F key, he makes the sound of the F note. Reinforcement No sound of F note Puts mouth on mouth piece,blows air and pressing F key Sound of F note Before Behavior After
  4. 4. Escape With Squidward playing his clarinet, which wasn't his repertoire, he approaches a problem of how the town complaining about him playing. He didn't like the complaints from the town, which led him to stop playing. It resulted to the town to stop complaining about Squidward's performance. Hears complaints from town Stops playing clarinet Don’t hear complaints from town Before Behavior After
  5. 5. Punishment Squidward then noticed that whenever he plays his clarinet with the window open, he then hears complaints. However, when he plays the clarinet with the window open, he noticed that he does not hear the complaints. VS
  6. 6. No complaints No complaints Complaints After Window open Window closed Plays clarinet Punishment Recovery Before Behavior After SD SDELT A
  7. 7. Avoidance of an Aversive Stimuli Squidward then decided to go to JellyFish Fields to where he decides to play his clarinet there. At first, he was out of tune, which led the jellyfishes to go towards him in a negative way. However, when he decided to play in tune and make beautiful sounds, the jellyfishes calm down. Will soon be stung by jellyfish Plays correct note Will not soon be stung by jellyfish Before Behavior After
  8. 8. Paring Procedure Buzz No Buzz No Sting Sting
  9. 9. Penalty Squidward then leave JellyFish Fields, and started to head home. It was then he was approached by Spongebob, who was leaving from Sandy’s place. Spongebob decided to walk with Squidward and sing while walking. It made Squidward frustrated to the point to where he hit Spongebob on the head with his clarinet, causing for his clarinet to break in half.
  10. 10. It was then, Squidward realized that he suffered the penalty of hitting Spongebob on the head with his clarinet. Couldn't find a picture with squidward hitting spongebob so here's handsome squidward. No aggression Reinforcers Clarinet Hits Spongebob on the head No clarinet Aggression Reinforcers Reinforcer Penalty Before Before Behavior After After
  11. 11. Life…. Finals got us like.