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Behavior specialist


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Behavior specialist

  1. 1. The Behavior Analysis Center for Autism provides 1:1 and small group behavioral services to clients, ages 2-18. BACA was founded in 2009 and is directed by Dr. Carl Sundberg. BACA has an impressive clinical team including Mark Sundberg, Pat McGreevy, John Esch, Barb Esch, and Bob Ryan. Currently seeking an accomplished behavior specialist to provide:<br /><ul><li>Ongoing behavioral services to clientele
  2. 2. Training to support staff and caregivers
  3. 3. Reliability of implementation by staff of behavioral procedures/ plans
  4. 4. Effectiveness in decreasing maladaptive behaviors (data driven)
  5. 5. Support in crisis situations
  6. 6. Timely and accurate documentation of incidents and plans
  7. 7. Creation and modifications of behavior plans
  8. 8. Consistent systemic center wide procedure for behavior management
  9. 9. Administer and analyze functional assessments and analyses.
  10. 10. Develop, monitor, and review data collection
  11. 11. Professional Crisis Management training and certification to BACA staff</li></ul>Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities<br /><ul><li>Work as part of the team to ensure that BACA’s principles are practiced and achieved
  12. 12. Superior behavior analytical skills
  13. 13. Excellent interpersonal skills
  14. 14. Effective verbal and written communication skills
  15. 15. Effective organizational skills
  16. 16. Must practice confidentiality
  17. 17. Work with teams (staff, funding agencies, families, and clinical consultants)
  18. 18. Must maintain highest standard of ethics</li></ul>Positive Qualities of Potential Candidate<br /><ul><li>Masters degree in ABA or related field
  19. 19. Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  20. 20. Knowledge of or Certification in Professional Crisis Management procedures
  21. 21. 1-3 years experience practicing professional management</li></ul>Benefits and Pay<br /><ul><li>Health insurance package, 401K, PTO, Quarterly performance based bonus
  22. 22. $50,000+ yearly pay