Code for Los Angeles: Intro


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Code for Los Angeles is the Los Angeles Code for America Brigade, a network of civic-minded technologists who contribute their skills toward using the web as a platform for local government and community service.

At our first event, we would like to talk about what Code for America is about, the types of initiatives you would like to see, as well as do a little group workshop for one of our first initiatives, which is supporting the City of Santa Monica in Open Data!

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Code for Los Angeles: Intro

  1. 1. Code for LA: Santa Monica
  2. 2. What is a Code for America Brigade? We link the tech community with local government to solve problems in our community.
  3. 3. ! Our Network • • • • • Meetups in > 50 cities 3000+ members 200+ locations 27 captains 41 brigades
  4. 4. Key Leadership Roles Captains o Vetted volunteers in a structured program who are deeply committed to Code for America's mission in their city o Captains must be endorsed by a Municipal Partner ! Municipal Partners o Volunteers from local government who agree to endorse and collaborate with a local brigade ! Community Organizers o Volunteers with demonstrated ability & capacity for organizing in support of Brigade activities
  5. 5. Key Membership Roles Coders & Repo Managers o Volunteers who get (or want to learn about) hackathons, agile development, GitHub and open source, civic tech ! Graphics & UX Designers o Volunteers who understand (or want to learn about) what we mean when we say "let's make the interfaces to government more beautiful and easier to use" ! Subject Matter Experts o Volunteers who share knowledge with civic technologists about in the inner workings of municipal government operations
  6. 6. What types of activities can I help with? ORGANIZE! OPEN CIVIC DATA! SHARE CIVIC TECH! HELP GOVERNMENT GET OPEN! CODE!
  7. 7. How we will organize Code for LA?
  8. 8. Monthly meetup with a focus city Give developers a chance to meet with city officials to propose open data sets, or brainstorm ideas. Later we may do a westside and eastside each month, or even individual cities
  9. 9. Hack night Regular hack nights to give teams a place for continual progress on their projects Heavy focus on learning with mentors available for help
  10. 10. Goals Make real apps that citizens really use Provide an anchor of communication between civic and tech Build a community that promotes openness, collaboration, and learning Help local governments on open data and open gov initiatives
  11. 11. Metrics How will we know if a brigade is effective? Endorsed by local government partner and CfA Meets on a regular basis, at least monthly Maintains a clear plan of action, at least annually Curates linked, open data for the common good Implements open source, civic tech locally
  12. 12. What do I do? Talk to people! Discuss project ideas. Find a project that sounds interesting. Gather some interested people. Find a time to discuss further. Let Jeff or Yohei know so we can put it on