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  • The goals of my campaign are pretty simple. First and foremost I obviously would like to sell more GM vehicles. We all know American car makers have taken a hit recently. Increasing sales is important but creating and restoring a positive image for GM is as well. The campaign focuses mainly on social media in order to builld relationships with customers in an increasingly popular medium.
  • The target audience for my campaign are people looking to buy cars. Buying a vehicle is a stressful process. Simplifying the browsing stage with a website gallery helps customers find what they like. Also, they won't  have to deal with as many car salesman if they a know they're stuff. Another target audience is the American public in general. Everybody is going to buy a car at some point, and once you buy one you usually keep it for a while. Therefore, the people who are looking to buy cars are always changing. The American public also needs to see that GM is working to be better and create a better public image.
  • This is an image a friend of mine had posted on facebook. Obviously, America isn't too happy about the bailouts and such. This is why it necessary for the campaign to restore a positive image for GM.
  • In my opinion, the most important thing about a website is that it is user friendly. GM's website will be designed with the user in mind, and feature the common business page features such as contact, about us, and a dealership locator. When it comes to vehicle sales, pictures are very important. The website will showcase all the cars and trucks GM, Chevy, and Buick have ever made, what's available, and coming soon. The website will also feature a Build Your Dream Car interactive tool where users can pick features they'd like to have on their car and also includes estimates. To create more relationships, a forum type blog will be used along with a company blog for consumers to keep up to date with GM.
  • The forum style blog features GM vehicle owner testimonies, stories, and pictures of owners' restoration projects or cool customized cars. Many of GM's classic cars are used for restoration and customization, and owners and potential customers would find it interesting, informational, and inspirational and be able to interact with each other as well.
  • Social media is obviously the best way to build relationships with consumers. The tools used will be facebook and twitter since they are most popular, as well as linkedin and foursquare. The popularity of facebook and twitter make it a channel that can reach a large audience. A business page on LinkedIn will also be used since it is such a huge business, and this is a great way to connect with employees.
  • Commenting, posting, tweeting, retweeting, and getting and giving feedback is a way to be socially relevant and build relationships with customers and potential customers through social media. Frequent posts engage more interactment, and content will be a lot of photos and deals. Responding to comments is important to make connections. When questions are asked, they will be answered. If there is a negative comment, we will address it and try to fix the issue, which shows that we care about the quality of our product and care what customers have to say.Test and tag is connected to social media sites so users can tag themselves test driving GM cars and get they're 15 minutes of fame. More like 15 seconds in the digital world, but test driving a car is so fun, it would be a fun way to interact for everyone using social media.
  • The campaign uses media constantly, and all associated pages will be optimized for search engines. Adwords will be used of course, since it is an effect digital marketing tool. Key words include "American cars, cars, trucks", and expanded versions like "best cars to buy, best trucks on the market", to best reach the intended audience. Using longtail keywords is through to be ineffective, but the tail is larger than the majority, so using as many keywords and phrases as possible can better reach all ends of the spectrum.
  • Mobile media was a challenge. There are already far too many racing games and what else do you do with cars? Well, most importantly, the website will have a mobile friendly version, because the lack of one can be a frustrating roadblock for mobile users. The GM app will have availability on android and apple markets, and will have a gallery of all GM vehicles ever made they can search through by name or by snapping a picture. It's useful for when you see a car you really like, you can find the name or take a picture, and the app will give you information and pictures on the model. Also, the tag & test app is tied into the social media. Users upload videos of friends, family, and themselves to a social media site and tag themselves and the videos are featured by GM's social media page.
  • Brittanys digital strategy campaign

    2. 2. GOALS Obviously, sell GM vehicles. Create & restore positive image for the company Build relationships with customers
    3. 3. AUDIENCE People looking to buy a vehicle. - People who want to avoid these guys -> General American public - PR purposes - Audience always changing Photo link
    4. 4. ….. Not goodPhoto link
    5. 5. WEBSITE & BLOG User friendly! Features: - catalog of every car GM, Chevy, Buick ever made, what’s available, and soon to be. - Build Your Dream Car Two blogs: - company, business - forum-like; customers post stories, restoration & customization projects
    6. 6. Customization & Restoration Blog : Interesting, Informational, Inspirational Forum style allows tips and fixes from one car enthusiast to the next Photo credit 2Photo credit 1
    7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA Best way to build relationships Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Foursquare Car enthusiast version of social networking Photo link
    8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA Building and maintaining relationships is key. Frequent interactions PR Giving a face to the company Test and Tag!
    9. 9. SEO & SEM All pages optimized Adwords (of course) Key words Long tail
    10. 10. MOBILE MEDIA Mobile friendly website! Mobile app - android & iphone availability - app is database of all cars ever made by GM and associates - search manually or by picture Test & Tag app!